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Aug 172013

A single smart meter measuring a home’s electricity usage, by appliance, emits radiation 100 times higher than the level internationally recognized as “extreme concern” and 450 times higher than a cell phone.

These are but two of the facts presented in Josh del Sol’s long-awaited documentary, Take Back Your Power, which will air online September 5.

Foster Gamble, creator of Thrive, calls it an “astoundingly great job.” Take Back Your Power is a beautiful, tasteful, authoritative and touching account of the dire situation we face, and solutions available here and now.”

The meters can determine what appliances are being used and for how long, and can be remotely turned off, we’re warned.

This won’t be a typical how-bad-they-are film; del Sol plans to provide a number of solutions citizens can take. A group in British Columbia, for example, thwarted BC Hydro smart meters for over 200,000 citizens by using a particular legal notice.

But not all stories are of success. Earlier this year, two Illinois mothers were arrested for refusing the meters while a Gestapo team installed them city-wide. Joshua Hart reports:

These developments would be unbelievable in and of themselves as flagrant violations of constitutional property rights. The fact that the meters emit a Class 2B carcinogen, have caused at least hundreds of fires, and clearly violate privacy laws including the 4th Amendment, not to mention that these facts are all at issue in an ongoing federal lawsuit brought against the city by its own residents- makes these events all the more troubling.

George Noory interviewed Jennifer Stahl, one of the women arrested, and privacy expert, Katherine Albrecht (starts at about 7:50). Albrecht warned this is all part of the surveillance infrastructure being built across the nation.

“If we’re not careful, within 20 years,” she warned, “we’re going to be watched by our ‘smart home,’ and it’s going to be like how our cell phones, and the Internet are today, where you’re tracked everywhere, unless you opt out.”

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