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Oct 242012

Elections Matter? More drivel, less facts.

Over at my new favorite site, News My Way – which is my new favorite web site – they have a story from the disassociated press that is sure to charm everyone because it’s so middle of the road. A fluff piece. A collection on nonsensical words strung together to make a paycheck. Stating the obvious

It is, of course, about the election that’s coming up in the near future. Let’s take a look at what ‘ol Calvin has to say, shall we?

WHY IT MATTERS: An election of tipping points


WASHINGTON (AP) – Election Day could well determine how much you end up paying in taxes. It could move the bar for fighting future wars. On energy, it could shape the balance between drill-baby-drill (and mine-baby-mine) and some big pollution controls. If you care about Obamacare, this may be your last, best chance to save it or unravel it – with your vote.


Long after the fuss fades over President Barack Obama’s snoozy debate opener and Mitt Romney’s weird flub or two, one of them will be hard at work trying to make good on his agenda. This will include pressing any opportunity to reshape the Supreme Court, which hovers over all other issues.

Pulitzer prize material it isn’t. And I should know because I will never ever win one myself so misery loves company. But it is about elections and believe it or not, they do matter.

Mitt Romney’s weird flub or two? Talk about an attempt to justify Obama’s insane debate performance. Flub or two? The guy’s been like a laser guided bunker buster. Whatever Calvin.

That last line up there, “all other issues” is frightening in it’s scope. The supreme court decided about Obamacare this past summer – so that’s right off the old “all other issues” table. The courts decided about “drill baby drill” when they told the administration to not block permits which Eric Holder “disagreed with” and ignored the ruling. These elections from the house to the senate to the local and state elections to the president all matter far more than this article allows.

Thus it looks like the supreme court will decide “all other issues” whatever the hell that means.

The winner’s policies are almost certain to find you where you live, no matter how far you are from Washington in your mind or your place.


The taxman cometh. So does the Social Security check for retirees – and the shakier-by-the-decade promise of those checks for everyone else.


Obama’s mandate for almost everyone to have health insurance – along with all the coverage protections that flow from that – constitutes the largest reshaping of social policy in generations, with the effects to be felt ever more as the law takes firmer hold in the next few years.


If Romney wins and gets enough like-minded people in Congress, he would reset that and try something else.

Talk about stating the obvious. Apparently Calvin is talking to the undecideds attempting to sway them.

And it’s not a mandate, it’s tax – remember? If Romney wins, I look forward to having a free hand to grow my business and employ more people. So yes, in a way the policies will find me where I live.

If Obama wins, I fully expect government employees to find me where I live. I big difference.

Though farther from home, the outsourcing of production overseas goes to the heart of American communities large and small as factory jobs vanish, or in some cases come back. Seemingly esoteric subjects like the value of China’s currency and the fine print of trade deals affect what you pay for goods and perhaps whether you or the neighbors have work. Less obviously, the debt crisis on a faraway continent affects credit in the U.S. What happens in Greece, Spain and beyond may put your home loan out of reach if the turmoil gets out of hand.

Truth up dude, truth up. This last paragraph is most certainly true. And I wonder who would be most capable of designing policies that would protect us from this horrible future that the liberals have chosen for us?

Read the rest here

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