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Oct 132012

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If you like news aggregation sites, you’ll love this one.linkOur home page that we use here and is available to you as well is a new aggregation site with a list of links that will have your head spinning. Let’s take a look at it.



rsoe site


Methane Leaking From Ground, a bubbling crude, Say, Let’s Set Fire to it!
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this story comes with a theme song because the news is so bad only gallows humor will save it.10-12-12 update to storyFor informational purposes, here is a listing of all the pipelines from


Tonight’s sinkhole doom update includes exactly what you heard here first. There are major supply pipelines that run right the hell through the sinkhole in assumption parrish that provide natural gas and other vital supplies east of Texas.

Now a section of the pipe has floated to the surface of the sinkhole. Local officials, who apparently are spinning this out of control have stated the the section of pipe was “previously emptied”. Now that there is a WTF statement of the super WTF variety.

A twenty-five foot section of a pipe identified as part of Acadian Gas’ pipeline floated to the surface of the Bayou Corne sinkhole Wednesday after cleanup of the slurry hole in northern Assumption Parish was indefinitely halted, according to parish officials.

“A 25-foot section of pipeline identified as part of Acadian Gas’ pipeline floated to the surface of the Bayou Corne sinkhole, on the edge of the pipeline right-of-way”, officials reported Wednesday.

“The pipeline was emptied previously,” officials stated, saying that is what made it become buoyant.

“[S]ince the sinkhole occurred, there is no earthen cover to keep the pipeline submerged,” officials said in a blog post.

“The risks associated with this incident is for workers in the sinkhole – that they don’t run into/over the floating pipe. Safety measures are being taken at the site to avoid the risk.”

According to officials, a portion of the sinkhole edge, about 50-foot-long, went under Tuesday near pipeline corridors running along the western edge of the slurry hole.


Now, let’s do something others aren’t of course because they’re not surrounded by Idiots nor do they have my crack staff of research cats. The Acadian Gas Network which runs smack dab right through the sinkhole, we have the additional information right here, right now.

The Acadian Gas System purchases, transports, stores and resells natural gas in Louisiana. The Acadian Gas System is comprised of the 590-mile Cypress pipeline, the 442-mile Acadian pipeline, the 270-mile Haynesville extension, and the 27-mile Evangeline pipeline.


From from site:

More Details for Acadian Gas Pipeline System

Acadian Gas Pipeline System in Thibodaux, LA is a private company categorized under Gas Transmission Companies. Our records show it was established in 1981 and incorporated in Louisiana.

And now, here for you to see is what it seems that nobody else that we know of can find, a map of the gas transmission lines.


show map image.


From another outstanding blog,, we were able to come up with this quote:

Steve Horton, research scientist with the University of Memphis Center for Earthquake Research and Information

Horton sits on a scientific advisory committee that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources formed to study the sinkhole, the tremors and natural gas releases that are also occurring in area bayous.

On a seismometer, the sharp tremors are recorded as having one back-and-forth oscillation in less than a second — multiple oscillations are bunched together like scribble-scratch on a graphical depiction — and the tremors last no more than a minute.

In contrast, on a seismometer, the long-period tremors are recorded as having one back-and-forth oscillation over 20 to 40 seconds — the wave pattern is easily distinguishable on a graph — and the tremors last for three to four minutes.

Horton said he has never seen such a combination of tremors before from the same area at the same time.

And here of course is the image of the seismograph.


10-11-12 update to story

In what sounds like a plot from one of those 1990′s disaster movies – where the hero keeps telling the community and the government that something bad is going to happen, yes it is and no one listens until the whole thing blows up, you guessed it, they’re planning on starting what’s called flaring the gasses coming from the sinkhole.

Assumption parish residents, dozens reporting sicknesses and showing signs of poisoning, are bracing for the Shaw Group, contracted by Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, to begin flaring natural gas from two relief/vent wells at the Bayou Corne sinkhole site as early as Friday, but scientists say those fires will not impact nearby methane gas percolating in over twenty places.

The gas from two wells at the Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster site will be flared through a single portable flare as early as Friday, according to officials Tuesday night at a resident briefing.

Science finally put in her rightful Place. Bacon Grown From Stem Cells.

link Sorry we can’t show you the article or even a snip of it because of some sort of “no part may be broadcast” copyright thingie.In a move hailed by most Canadians and Bacon loving infidels as well as the Great Satans around the world, scientists have made bacon from stem cells.Now can we stop fighting for just a few minutes and enjoy some nice GMO bacon?

He’s Rich, He’s Worried, He’s buying ad time

link What is criminal about this story is that there are exactly two stories that come up on Google about this.CNN has a story about this but I have declared a ban on CNN on this show.The CNN headline is “Rich, Worried and buying ad time“.

That of course is not the message that is being put forth. The man was born in into communism and is worried that the same thing is happening here in the United States where he is now a citizen.

Of course, CNN stands for everything that this man is worried about. Oh well.

You know what the headline should really be? “Man buys airtime to do the job the mainstream media refuses to do because they are idiots“. That’s what the headline should be.

Let’s look at the real story from

The wealthy are worried and they’re buying ad time to make their case to the American people as to why they are not the villains Obama is making them out to be. One billionaire, Thomas Peterffy (Pet-er-fee), has already spent $5 million for ads that inform voters about the risks of socialism.

He is the founder of interactive brokers and is a billionaire just like I want to be – just to try it out for a while you see – and he has produced his own ad about his fears.

Let’s listen to the ad right now, shall we?

Audio file

At some point, it became unpopular to be successful. Particularly if that success came with wealth. The Obama campaign has capitalized on this, accusing the wealthy, who pay billions in taxes each year, of not paying their fair share.

For some, it’s a slap in the face after they have contributed millions in revenues to the government.

The great concern is that the government with its creeping tax hikes on the wealthy is essentially sneaking socialism in via the back door.

What must be understood is that America was a nation founded by businessmen who wanted economic freedom among other rights. they combined with other frustrated colonists to cast off British rule.

Their success allowed them and their descendants, right down to us, the world’s wealthiest nation.

This is what Thoman Peterffy did. He was born in Hungary in 1944, as the Red Army attacked that country’s capitol. He grew up impoverished in the subsequently established socialist state. In 1965, he managed to emigrate to the US, where he became a computer programmer on Wall Street.

Peterffy learned English, and eventually created a program that allowed brokers to make trades online. He built his business, “Interactive Brokers” and eventually paid nearly $2 billion in taxes on it.

He has created jobs, and donated to causes.

Yet, he is being told that he’s not doing enough by the rhetoric of the Obama administration.

Peterffy is worried that anti-capitalist rhetoric of the administration could dissuade millionaires and billionaires from creating jobs and take their money elsewhere.

This has happened in France, where overtaxed elites have already begun a mass exodus in the face of ever-increasing tax rates.

Oh Joe, you’re such an outstanding idiot.

Last night in the debate, Paul Ryan made light of the fact that his and Romney’s tax plan is no different than Reagan’s tax plan ooooor  John F. Kennedy’s tax plan.At which point, Dipshit Joe said, “Oh. Ho. So now you’re Jack Kennedy too, huh kid?”And Ryan said “I’m closer to him than you are”.

A major radio host has managed to dredge up a speech by JFK at the New York Economic Club, December 14, 1962 in which he laid out his tax plan for the United States. This is before the LBJ “Great Society” and before he was martyred. This was before whomever it was killed him in Dallas.

Let it be said that JFK, were he alive today would not be able to survive one moment in what the Democratic party has become, the purveyors of the United Socialist States of America, the ussa that this the show archive site has as it’s web address.

There is no Democrat alive today that would make this speech.

This is the same stuff that Art Laffer, Reagan, Limbaugh, Romney, Ryan, Jack Kemp all espouse as well as anyone with a brain that actually cares about this country does. Not anyone else.

And now we have a democratic president that wants to punish achievement, to punish everyone that wants to be better, that wants to succeed. We have a president that wants you and I to pay and pay and pay and then he alone will decide who gets the payout.

And last night we had a vice president and democratic party that laughed, giggled, made fun of and discarded that very plan that JFK put forth in 1962.

They should be ashamed to be seen in public. They should be ashamed to have the once proud label of “Democrat” after their names. Or as it is now known the Party of twits and misfits.

Let’s listen.


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