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Aug 052012

What do you get when a perfectly good source of information falls prey to disinformation? You get a damaged reputation. I give you lack of vetting.

This is a photo of the Arkansas, CGN-41 during her shock trials in the last century.

You will note the underwater explosion, the shape of the plumes of water.

The CGN-41 was  the fourth and final Virginia class of nuclear missile destroyer (hence the CGN). She was decommissioned on July 7, 1998. She is at the Puget sound naval yard awaiting the cutting torch.

She was a fine ship and served her country and crews well throughout her life.

Sadly, she is now being sullied. Here is the latest image involving the Arkansas and is as you can see totally faked.

You will note the shape of the plume of the underwater explosion.

You will note the position of the ship, the same sensor trailers on the aft deck of the Arkansas and the supposed underwater U.F.O that the United States Navy and the Chinese Navy are battling over off of San Francisco.

Vetting is the most important word in your life right now. When you hear a story on the news, vet it. When you read something, vet it. When you hear a story from someone, vet it.

Pin them down because they are lying to you and if you don’t,  we shall all burn for this, each and every one of us, we will all burn together.

We shall all burn for this, each and every one of us, we will all burn together.


My journey into the pit of truth to see what Lions the Romans have gathered for me.

We are the Michigan League of Fed up Citizens. We came alive in 2006.
And we are so, so tired.

The 188 day theory, didn’t work out.
The August 4th theory, didn’t work out.
Elenin comet, didn’t work out.
The OMG, shake apart theory, didn’t work out.
The musta crusta mova theory didn’t work out.
The second sun theory didn’t work out.
The aliens have (or are going to any day now) landed theory didn’t work out.
Oh, pretty pretty Arab Spring. That didn’t work out.
Ah, open borders. Now we get the Arab Spring. That really isn’t going to work out.
The super duper world ending ultimate false flag sink the Enterprise start the nuclear war, kill the Jews (idiots, better really, really hope that Exodus thing was a hoax and the world wide flood was….wrong.) – well that might actually work out.
“Let us come together” is a trap.
Government, the current version of it, is a lie.
Hope in overcoming this is pretty damn close to a lie.

What do all of those have in common? They distract a segment of the population. That segment is what DHS and the “others” consider to be nut cases, preppers, the “omg, prepare for the “X” doom!”.

We do not buy it any longer. What we do buy is that we shall all burn for this, each and every one of us, we will all burn together.

Sadly for them, there is still a fairly large segment of the prepper population that doesn’t buy it until there is clear evidence. Let me point out (probably for the first time that you’ve seen) – what kind of fool actually goes on a television series and shows off their doomsday preparations? A paid for shill fool, that’s who.

We don’t buy it any more.

What we do buy is the drones, VIPR checkpoints, arrested for documenting law enforcement, arrested for various non-issue crimes, targeted for telling the truth, the mystery deaths, the damn ass weird weather, the drunk on power government, the warnings (serious warnings) of people that were with Castro in Cuba that tell us the same thing is happening here, now. What we do buy is that these are the ones whom we have fought for 2,000 years and who are close to a world wide stoning festivus. And we helped them do it.

What we do buy is that we shall all burn for this, each and every one of us, we will all burn together.


See any damn jet stream? Me either.

What we do buy is the magnetic pole is shifting from our PERSPECTIVE. It’s not a pole shift, it’s not a prophecy coming true, it’s not going to swish the oceans out of their holes. Don’t buy it, don’t window shop it, don’t even pick it up to look at it. The poles are NOT shifting. Use your brain (the one on top of your body).

What I do buy is the deck on the north side of our home is now in sunshine 30% more than a few years ago. What we do buy is that the sun is setting 15 degrees to the north for some reason. What we do NOT buy is a pole shift or any other tard theory.

What we do buy is that the jetstream is gone. What we do buy is that this year, the year of the supposed doom, 2012 that there is a drought of massive proportions THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

What we do buy is that common sense says that in times of plenty you save. You save food stocks, you save money, you save energy, you save…..water. What we do buy is that the vast majority of you have been brainwashed over several generations into spending everything you have and have destroyed your very future. And we also buy that we let you.

What we do buy is that we shall all burn for this, each and every one of us, we will all burn together.

What we do buy is that for some reason, the sun is very active and there is a lie afoot.

What we do buy is people that are pure evil humans that are attempting to re-establish everyone’s nightmare. Facism. Communism. Pol-Pot. Idi Amin. Stalin. Hitler. Mussilini. Mao. Great heros to the insane. The insane that somehow were elected and put in charge of the United States and therefore the world.

Sorry if you actually need real WWII type of help. We’ll be a little busy for a few decades. See if the Viet Cong are still around. They might have a handbook or manual or something.

What we do buy is that those that don’t agree with the government are rapidly finding out that the first amendment is a “privlege” not a God given right as we were led to believe. What we do buy is that our very first leader in the United States made a covenant with God. A covenant that we have violated. What happens when we do that?
Heh, Hister from the north is what happens. Noah building a boat is what happens. The punishment is for the people not the individual. We shall all burn for this, each and every one of us, we will all burn together.

What we buy is that in order for the final push into death camps, death marches, vanishings, elimination of the elderly, take the bus, ride the train, you work, work, work to support others. What we buy is the rat race has turned out to be a trap and the spring has been sprung. The cheese was bait. What we do buy is that there is only one more linchpin that is needed.

Disarm the public. What we do buy is that suspending the production of ammunition will provide that without violating the constitution. The last best hope is about to be gelded.

Look for domestic sporting/hunting ammunition shortages. That will be your final warning.

And that is what we believe.

If you disagree, bring your proof or be the enemy: adversary, agent, antagonist, archenemy, asperser, assailant, assassin, attacker, backbiter, bad person, bandit, betrayer, calumniator, competitor, contender, criminal, defamer, defiler, detractor, disputant, emulator, falsifier, fifth column, foe, guerrilla, informer, inquisitor, invader, murderer, opponent, opposition, other side, prosecutor, rebel, revolutionary, rival, saboteur, seditionist, slanderer, spy, terrorist, traducer, traitor, vilifier, villain.

Take your pick, we don’t give a shit any more.


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