logo6Welcome to Plain Sight, the social network for the awake. Become a member today, right now. The very first 500 members will have a free account for life, just for helping us get started. As an original member, you will find bugs in the site, things you’d like to see changed. You can point to Plain Sight and say, “I helped build that”.

Have you shrugged off the cloak of the Sheeple? Do you want to gather with the like minded? Do you want to point your sheeple friends in the right direction – to help them wake up?

Doesn’t it bother you to live in a world where the lie that gets told the most becomes the truth? We live in a world where learning to lie to your parents, your boss, your friends, even your spouse and yourself is normal.

Doesn’t it bother you to hear “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”? Who decides what you have done wrong or what you should fear? The government that spies on you? The corporation that takes all of your data and sells it? Or is your privacy not for sale? Here at Plain Sight, we do not care where you live, what site you came from, the product you searched for or where you are. We. Don’t. Care.

You, like me, believe in free speech, the dynamics of an open discussion. It seems like debate without threats has been abandoned in favor of the policy of destruction. Plain Sight, the social network for the awake wants to change that dynamic. We are building a community based on free speech. On civil behavior of a real social network.

Billions of dollars and corporate cooperation with repressive government agencies are more important than our privacy, our freedoms. Money now buys our rights…our honor.

Here at Plain Sight, the social network for the awake we believe in freedom of speech, debate without threats, the truth….reality.

Do you ask yourself if there’s anything worth standing up for? Do you want to participate but think why bother? Do you turn see or read the news and expect to be misled? Reporters are no longer the watchdogs of freedom. They are nothing more than script readers.

We, the people, the awake are now the watchdogs. We are the ones that it is up to to tell the truth – before it’s too late.

Knowing what to say means nothing unless you say it! America was the only country founded for the common man, a place where freedom is guaranteed….not a privileged handed out by corporations and government.

Say it here at Plain Sight, the social network for the awake. Say it, show it, write about it and together we can do a small part of righting the sinking ship.

Whether it be on your activity wall, in a discussion forum, through a blog post or in a user group, you can have a say, have a voice and be a member of a community that values free speech.

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Recent Posts

Pets, Heaven and Afterlife

This a commentary that I should have written some time ago. Since my viewpoint is set in stone about this, I assumed that most people have the same one that I do which is pretty thick headed on my part. While I might not have the cogency to pull this off with any great effect, …Rlegi cetera…

Congratulations, You are a Witness

That is absolutely correct my friends. This is a lot like watching the most interesting man in the world put the finishing touches on one of his achievements. That’s right, this website is going to be so good that all other website will vanish from the internet. And a really serious sounding guy will narrate …Rlegi cetera…

A Revelation

 For those of us that are awake sometimes events click together and we see part of the bigger picture. The term sheeple is a combination of the words “sheep” and “people” combined to make sheeple. It is a single word description of the herd mentality of human beings. About the Sheeple Examples would be the …Rlegi cetera…

Even More Bad Ideas

Government set to crap up the best invention in the history of mankind As you know if you’ve read these commentaries for any length of time, it is my supposition that whenever anything goes wrong Obama is more than happy to punish us. Like a 2 bit dictator, whenever the public makes fun of him, …Rlegi cetera…

Caste Society

  The idiots in the other building So there I was in a building on the fourth floor. Across the parking lot – actually pretty overgrown with weeds and grass, there was another building that was controlled by gang. Now this gang thought they had it all figured out from top to bottom. Oh yes, …Rlegi cetera…

Freedom of Speech, Part 1

You have all heard the phrase about “shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater” but you probably don’t know where it comes from. This article addresses that. These posts are being constructed as per the rules of the Wiki here at ussamichigan.com. You can use the layout, the way the footnotes are done and verbiage as …Rlegi cetera…

Greenfield – Laugh in the Face of Islam

Last 30 days commentaries list. If your desire is to toss hate on me for stating my opinion in this commentary, then go ahead. I’ve already lost what is most dear to me. You cannot make my pain any worse. Those of that agree, copy some part of this and share it. This planet and …Rlegi cetera…

Goodbye Internet, Asteroids and the Poor House

[jpshare] Last 30 days commentaries list. Government set to crap up the Internet As we all know, the federal government has never had any program, tax, or rule and regulation that has worked. This time, they’re going to crap up the internet. How? It’s going to cost you over $90 more a month. Have a …Rlegi cetera…

New Social Network

Update: As of 1-4-15, all of the social network is installed and tested, thus ready to run. We plan to open the site to general users and free membership on 1-11-15. IF you want email updates, use the contact form and in the message section just type “subscribe” and we will send you updates about …Rlegi cetera…

Thanksgiving: Are You Better Off?

Is your family’s situation better than it was last Thanksgiving? Higher prices, stagnant wages, millions out of the labor pool? Are you still thankful?

The Reptilian Overlords Issue Decree

Did you know….before a major economic crash, the stock market takes wild swings, losing big one day and going up like crazy the next? Read the rest….   Keep one very important thing in mind about blizzardmageddon. The very same people that know what the weather will be in 100 years so they can carbon …Rlegi cetera…

Free Photobook is One Click Away!

AtContent and Picaboo are teaming up to offer you this fabulous gift to welcome in the New Year! A Picaboo photobook is a great way to display all your favorite captured photo memories. Each book is custom created just for you! Every time you create…

‘Invest in space, not war’: Russian cosmonaut urges Russia-US cooperation (photo, video)

Source : RT   Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev at the International Space Station. Fruitful cooperation between the Russian and US crews at the International Space Station should become a template for relations between Moscow and Washington, cosmonaut…

5 Inspirational Ideas & Tips from the Community (Includes Examples!)

We are so lucky to have such a creative and talented community. We asked you to “Inspire Us” and you shared with us some of the most amazing photobooks we’ve ever seen.Here are the best ideas and tips on how to create a photobook. We…

Liberty Ammo Wins $15M From Feds for Patent Infringement

A U.S. Federal judge has ordered the Government to compensate Florida ammunition manufacturer  Liberty Ammunition in a 2 part settlement. P.J. Marx, the inventor of the lead free bullet, won a judgment against the US Government   American…

In Latin America, new urgency to educate stirs up outdated system

Seeking better schools, Latin America  – the world’s most unequal region – is trying models like Teach for America.

Asian soccer tournament is field of dreams for Palestine’s players

Palestine has qualified for the first time for the Asia Cup, hosted by Australia. Palestinian officials say that Israeli security restrictions have held back the national soccer team and see its participation as a symbol of global recognition.

New England Patriots beat Baltimore Ravens with ‘deception.’ Was it legal?

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick turned in a master class to lead his team to a 35-31 playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens Saturday.

US Supreme Court poised to take up same-sex marriage (+video)

Both sides in the same-sex marriage debate want the US Supreme Court to act definitively. Differences in federal appeals court rulings could prompt the high court’s consideration of gay marriage, now legal in 36 states and the District of Columbia.

Olympics in #Boston2024: A great idea or a terrible mistake? (+video)

Boston won the American bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. But would another win actually be a loss?

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