Climate Hustle In DC – Bill Nye Fake Science Guy To Appear

some sample test to see if you can see it.

Congress Rolling Over Versus Executive Overreach

Internal checks and balances ignored.

Economic Geniuses Shut Manufacturing Down 16 Months In Row

Next up, chaos in Middle East…oh wait a minute.

Censorship As Political Ideal

Daredevil Vs. Batman Vs. Superman

Guy Who’s Wrecking Planet Mutters About Trump

Establishment Giddy Over Paul Ryan As GOP Candidate

Better Hope Washington Doesn’t Find Out About This

Gone To Hell In A Handbasket – If You Can Afford One

Mass Information Gathering Using LED Lighting

Another Epic Failure – 30% Can’t Afford To Pay Bills

Twisted Socialism Logic – Or – Liberation Theology Politics

Self Driving Cars Achilles Heel

It Might Not Make You Blind But It Will Screw You Up

Fake Badges Sold Online

Untrained Services Animals To Be Outlawed

Kindle Best Seller

You Are Eating Rat Meat

Guy Who Screwed Up Mexico Pissed Because We Don’t Want His Dregs


The Giant Awakens

Formula 1: Drive It Like You Stole It

Paul Ryan: We’re Deciding How Fast We Roll Over……This Time

Science Guy: Lack of Observational Facts And Ethical Principles

Coulter Stirring Up Some Shit – Clueless Moron Talking Heads

BLM Co-Founder Goes Ballistic Over All Lives Mattering

NPR: Blah, Blah, Blah…Trump….Blah, Blah…Bad…Blah, Blah

Clueless In Houston

Epic Blunders – You Mean Like Electing Obama?

Trump Crashes Glenn Beck Speech

Obama: I’m Optimistic I can Ruin Country Before I Leave

It’s On Like Donkey Kong: Carson Says Obama “Raised White”

Saudi Oil Minister: Pound Sand

Polls In Nevada Show Limbaugh Right…..Again

Turns Out Ancient Humans Were Pretty Kinky

The Goddam Terminator Is Here. No Joke.

Limbaugh: Trump Popularity Is Because We Don’t Have Any Time

Minding The Campus Writer Agrees With PlainSight Writer

More Banana Republic Goodness: Fight For Illegals To Vote

Meteor Hits Ocean With Force Greater Than Hiroshima

Loss Of Character In America

Yes, They’re Working Hard To Screw Up The Internet Too

Now We Know He’s A Winner! Crazy Leftists Threaten To Kill Trump

Grinch Wants To Allow Illegals To Vote

All Right, Who Threw The Shit At The Fan

Drunk Monkey Chases Customers With Knife

The New Weimar Republic

Can’t Be A Socialist

Crazy Ass Cops Find Evidence Of Tea And Tomatoes, Storm House

Students Protesting Free Speech Told They Need A Permit