Congress Rolling Over Versus Executive Overreach
Internal checks and balances ignored.
Economic Geniuses Shut Manufacturing Down 16 Months In Row
Next up, chaos in Middle East…oh wait a minute.
Daredevil Vs. Batman Vs. Superman
Why Batman/Superman blows and Daredevil doesn’t
Establishment Giddy Over Paul Ryan As GOP Candidate
The best part is they think people will vote for him after the convention.
Better Hope Washington Doesn’t Find Out About This
They’d probably think it’s a great idea.
Gone To Hell In A Handbasket – If You Can Afford One
People are renting space under stairs, in boxes in living rooms due to “skyrocketing” housing costs. No worries though, the government says inflation is under control.
Twisted Socialism Logic – Or – Liberation Theology Politics
In the movie Battleship, Hopper finally figures out the “Art of War” much like Obama has. Captain Yugi Nagata: I can’t believe that worked! Alex Hopper: Yeah, Art of War, “fight the enemy where they aren’t.” After all these years, that finally just clicked. Captain Yugi Nagata: But that’s not
Self Driving Cars Achilles Heel
And all it will take to fix is everyone’s favorite new tax “Infrastructure” improvements.
Untrained Services Animals To Be Outlawed
Like any other vocation, they will need to approved by the central government.
Kindle Best Seller
Fire, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black
Guy Who Screwed Up Mexico Pissed Because We Don’t Want His Dregs
Hey, Vicente, maybe if your shit hole wasn't so screwed up we wouldn't need a wall. Trump: Now it's going to be 500 feet tall.
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Science Guy: Lack of Observational Facts And Ethical Principles
But don't worry, the media is spinning it just fine.
Clueless In Houston
Conceal Carry Factoids. University of Houston Response to New Concealed Carry Law: – Be careful discussing sensitive topics – Drop certain topics from your curriculum – Not “go there” if you sense anger – Limit student access off hours – Go to appointment-only office hours – Only meet “that student”
Trump Crashes Glenn Beck Speech
Both of them in the same room. Wow. Musta been a big room.
Obama: I’m Optimistic I can Ruin Country Before I Leave
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
Polls In Nevada Show Limbaugh Right…..Again
Americans are enraged at the government and have been for some time. Meanwhile, Rubio speechless.
Turns Out Ancient Humans Were Pretty Kinky
Yeah, you read that right and apparently it's true. Although the people at Nature apparently forgot the monkey screwing the pig story from a couple of years ago.
The Goddam Terminator Is Here. No Joke.
Mark my words, it’s just a matter of time.
Limbaugh: Trump Popularity Is Because We Don’t Have Any Time
to preserve the country. Time is up - rank and file Democrats WANTsocialism, a system that has failedevery time it's tried.
Minding The Campus Writer Agrees With PlainSight Writer
Our students’ ignorance is not a failing of the educational system – it is its crowning achievement.
More Banana Republic Goodness: Fight For Illegals To Vote
The Obama administration appears to agree with the basis of the lawsuit seeking injunction against a proof of citizenship requirement on voter registration forms in three states
Meteor Hits Ocean With Force Greater Than Hiroshima
Explosive force of 13,000 of TNT. No worries though, it happens "several times a year".
Loss Of Character In America
The loss of character in America can be laid at the feet of liberalism, leftists and radical teachers.
Yes, They’re Working Hard To Screw Up The Internet Too
Virtually everything every government touches turns to shit. Why should the greatest invention since the printing press be any different?
Now We Know He’s A Winner! Crazy Leftists Threaten To Kill Trump
Once the free shit army mobilizes nobody is safe....
Grinch Wants To Allow Illegals To Vote
NOW can we start impeaching these idiots?
All Right, Who Threw The Shit At The Fan
21 signs the world economy is imploding
Drunk Monkey Chases Customers With Knife
More stunning proof that we're in an alternative reality.
Can’t Be A Socialist
the root philosophy of socialism is Marxist (ergo, redistribution and leveling across economic tiers) socialism requires an authority capable of bending the knees of the people to the will of the state.
Crazy Ass Cops Find Evidence Of Tea And Tomatoes, Storm House
The Hartes, both former CIA analysts and parents to a seven-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son, were targeted on the suspicion that their residence was becoming a hotbed for narcotics cultivation after Mr. Harte took a few trips to the gardening store.
Samsung Sees Apple iPhone and Raises One 360 Camera
"Brings Refinement" "Better features"
Shop Amazon!
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Man Arrested For Wearing Pig Hat
Hell, they might as well let them start tearing down monuments as well.
Engineered Distrations – Fiddling While Rome Burns
We're at a point where our world has become what Aldous Huxley called "the ultimate revolution".
Complete Mess In Syria
Here's an idea. Let's back a bunch of rebel groups in Syria and then have them fight each other!
TRUMP 34% RUBIO 21% CRUZ 21%
Kindle Fire Best Seller
Fire, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black
DHS Launches Internet Snitch Program
Stand by for next headline: DHS Overwhelmed As 80% Turned In By Snitch Program
Saudis: Okay, We Got A Nuke; Ready For WW 3
Putin responds with scary laugh.
Yeah, We Need This Asshat To Contact Aliens
Who will more than likely nuke the entire planet after the first meeting!
PlainSight Right Again: Crackdown, Arrests In Cuba Ahead Of Communist Summit
The Madrid-based Cuban Observatory on Human Rights said 1,474 people, including 512 women, were “arbitrarily” detained in January.
World’s Most Powerful Leftist Sticks Snout In The Muck
All most people want to do between birth and death is to be productive and happy. But no, the leftists have to screw that up for everyone.
Apple: Look We Can’t Break The Encryption
Once the dam is broken, all encryption will be open game for the feds as the constitution continues into the shredder. And don't start sending emails about it either. Privacy is privacy, it doesn't matter if it's a terrorist or not - THE FEDS SHOULD HAVE KEPT THEM OUT IN
World’s Biggest Communist Visits Lesser Communists
It's going to be a great day, what with all the conversations about political arrests and killing of citizens who don't comply.
MIT Climate Guy Calls Bullshit
They never really tell you what they agree on. It is propaganda. So all scientists agree it's probably warmer now than it was at the end of the Little Ice Age.
Feds To Apple: Disable Encryption….Or Else
No word on what the "or else" is.
Make Your Brain Gigantic!
Mindbodygreen.com running magazine reset.me
60 Percent Of Web Traffic Is Bots
So.....there's like only 3 people that use the web?
Saudi – Russian Deal; Freeze Oil Output To Jan. 2016 Levels
What that means is the black gold is going to keep flowing. Iran says so what, watch this.
Remember The Band Playing During The Paris Shooting?
Frontman Jesse Hughes Says, “Until No One Has Guns, Everyone Should Have One”
Obama Turns To Comedy.
Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.
Elizabeth Warren “Reminder”- It’s Your Job To Cave For The Leftists
Apparently in the alternative reality we live in "advice and consent of the Senate" means you better cave or else.
Limbaugh: It’s Not My Damn Job
I'm not the leader of the conservative movement. I've never sought that. I'm not denying any -- already right there, "Wait a minute. You mean you've been lying to us?" No, I haven't been lying to you. It's not my job to get votes for people, damn it! It's theirs!
Remember The Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program?
Well guess what - Federal Marshals are arresting people with delinquent loans.
Republicans: Don’t Worry Mr. Leader Sir, We’ll Cave For You.
And this is how totalitarianism gets started. Easy history - happening right in front of you.
MSNBC Wants Supreme Court To Govern The Country
Does anybody know what the hell that means? What sort of addled brain could actually come up with something like this. If you have answers, use the contact us link in the menu.
Serious Looking Guy Says ISIS Will Attack
Obama chimes in that it's ISIL not ISIS and dammit, it's still Bush's fault.
Jeb Bush: Seriously, I Just Don’t Give A Shit Any More
Which gives us yet another chance to use our Jeb Bush debating Trump photo!
Watch Out Next Time You Make Meme Out Of Your Cat
'Cause the feds are watching you.
WW 3 Players Chosen, Kickoff Coming Up
Includes photo of serious looking Russkie Saudi jets fly missions out of Turkey Turkey fires on Syrian army Turks and Saudis consider ground ops in Syria
Scalia On Recess Appointments
Interpretive jiggery pokey
Our Turn In The Meat grinder Of History
It certainly appears that the United States is taking the turn in the meat grinder of history. Given the penchant of the current government’s desires and apparent addiction to removing rather than adding to inherent rights, the Scalia replacement will be the biggest failure of the Republicans. Certainly the biggest
Scalia Death Celebrated By Leftists
As usual, leftists everywhere couldn't help themselves and show us how to mourn in utopia.
Senior Supreme Court Justice Scalia Has Died
These asshats expect us to believe that Scalia, who was at John Poindexter's ranch (former head of DARPA) and that he just happens to have a "heart attack" with no autopsy? What probably happened is that Cheney was screwing around with the heart attack gun and it went off.
Life In America Is Being Destroyed
Take this to the bank: Life in America is being destroyed. You can take pretty much every problem that we have in this country and know that you can take it all to Barack Obama and the Democratic party for the blame. Everything that has happened that makes you unhappy,
Muslim Whacks Off Hands In Ohio Restaurant
Owned by a pro-Israel Arab Christian.
Scientists Discover Life Extending Technique
Now you're going to have to stay on this shithole planet even longer! And you can pay more taxes too! Woohoo!
5,000 “Refugee” Children Missing – May Be Organ Harvesting Victims
Includes photo of sad looking kid to tug the heartstrings.
Russia Releases WW III Schedule
Bono, Prince to play half time concert.
Washington Post Says Bernie Sanders Well Meaning, Shoots Itself In Foot
with an editorial. Don't worry, they've got another one.
The Robot Apocalypse
Self driving boats, microdrone swarms, flying arsenals, smart bullets
What If They’re Rounding Up Critics?
Isn't that how dictatorships start By rounding up the protesters that stand up to the government? The difference between now and the 60's is
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Windows 10 Sends EVERYTHING You Do To Microsoft
Even if you disable tracking it turns it back on in an eight hour period Windows 10 tried to send data back to 51 different Microsoft IP addresses over 5500 times. Read even more.
Rise Of The Cyborgs – They’re Real And They’re Here Now
Body implants are a staple of science fiction. They turn members of futuristic societies into super-humans, making them stronger, smarter and more capable than an average person.
Low Fuel, Heating Prices, Interest Rates All Fall Flat
The mystery brake on the run away train of the economy.
Rubio Is Right
There's been much ballyhoo made about Rubio and his repeating mantra about Obama.
Bernie Sanders – How Is His Socialism Recipe Better Than Obama’s?
Sanders is running around telling everyone who'll listen how horrible the United States is even after 7 years of a socialist president.
Iran: $8 A Barrel
Iran’s oil industry will remain profitable even if oil prices drop to $8 per barrel, acting Deputy Petroleum Minister Masoud Hashemian Esfahani told Sputnik on Wednesday.
Play Our New Game – Which Communist Said It!
That's right it's time for a brand new game called "Which Communist Said It"
Mission Accomplished: What’s Left Of Middle Class Begging For More
Beyond his wildest dreams, Obama has succeeded - Good thing the sissies in Congress are rolling over.
How The New World Order Ruins Your Destiny
Alex Jones discusses how the globalist scum are suppressing and destroying humanity’s true destiny.
SCOTUS To Obama: Sit Down And Shut Up, Put Down The Pen
The only question now is how quickly Obama Will Ignore Ruling.
Screw The EstablishmentTrump, Sanders Win Big In NH
The federations of the fed-up appears to have carried the day in the Republican Party at least and may indeed do the same in the Democratic Party, which gives you an idea of the atmosphere of our nation’s political system
Republican Candidates – Only Two Saying Truth
This election cycle boils down to one thing and
Hillary: You First, Asshole
Apparently the vast right wing conspiracy is after her again.
Leftists And The Traditionalist Rebel
There is a tome that is not only outstanding but something that you owe it to yourself to read and take to heart.
Proof Of An Illegal Leader
Recently, “Americans for Freedom of Information” released copies of Obama’s transcripts from Occidental College, and what they revealed could get him impeached. According to America’s Freedom Fighters, the documents reveal the future president received financial aid as a student from Indonesia under the name of Barry Soetoro.
Slow Down, Fat Ass, It’s Not A Race
For decades Americans have been laboring under a misconception that has fueled the growth of Jenny Craig, stretched spandex to the limit and turned people–watching at the mall into a vaguely unsettling experience.
Even More Fantasy World News – FBI Won’t Disclose
because if they did, then we'd know how then we'd know how they work. You simply cannot make this shit up.
The Fantasy World Rolls On – Full Employment?
“This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable...Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination.
Instituting Shariah: Teach It In Schools
That's right - brainwash our children.
Baltic Dry Index Crashes….Again
The dry index measures the amount of products on container ships
Zika Virus: Perfect Virus For Causing Panic
The Zika virus was first observed in monkeys in 1947, 69 years ago, when researchers from the Rockefeller Foundation were conducting a research for Yellow Fever in the Zika Forest of Uganda.
Woman Killed By “Refugees” Gets No Memorial
City doesn't want to offend "refugees".
Adding Corn Starch To The Cruz – Carson Dustup
And it's another excuse to use our funny Carson photo!
Broken Political System Agrees On 4 Issues
The 4 issues are; Screwing up the economy even more, half assed terrorism responses, screwing up the health care system and destroying even more jobs
FBI Investigates Flint Water
Agency seeks to blame someone for the worst public health disaster since Love Canal.
Trump Defense Plan: Beat The Shit Out Of Them
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says America will be glad if he’s the president next time the nation is attacked.
Washington, DC: Look, We’ll Pay You Not To Commit Crimes
I am utterly convinced that I am stuck in an alternate universe and either Rod Serling or Walternet is going to pop up to tell me.
Clockwork Orange Predicted Dystupidian Future We’re Stuck In
Fresh off the faked moon landing, Kubrick directed the film released 44 years ago on Feb. 2
Year Of The Monkey? You Can’t Make This Shit Up
The Sacramento Kings scrapped plans for a T-shirt giveaway at the last-minute on Monday after a player reportedly objected to them. The T-shirts? Well, they said "year of the monkey" on them.
Company Whores Your Information To Highest Bidder
You can't take video of the police but their traffic cameras can sell your ass to whomever.
Commies Says Treasonous Has Been Is Cheating
Isn't this that pot calling the kettle black thing?
Here’s Your Damn Conspiracy Theory
In the coming days to 2012, and even now, the US government made a massive push to import as many South Americans as possible. America has an unbelievable number of Mayan and Mexican nationals living within our borders. Then the push for Muslims began - but this push is world
National Institutes Of Health Director: Zika Virus
For decades, the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus was mainly seen in equatorial regions of Africa and Asia, where it caused a mild, flu-like illness and rash in some people.
Undedited Video Of LaVoy Finicum Shooting
Provided without editorial comment, form your own opinion. Comments are open for this article.
Corrupt Politicians Admitting It
Today’s whole political game, run by an absurdist’s nightmare of moneyed elites
LA Gas Disaster “Out Of Control”, All Hope For Containment Gone?
They may have “entirely lost control of entire field” involved in LA gas disaster, and it’s coming up everywhere… We learned there’s many other leaks -Attorney — Officials: Loud sound of gas escaping heard half mile away… It’s a “mini-Chernobyl”
Girl Faces Fines After Using Pepper Spray On “Refugee” Rapist
A 17-year-old girl in Denmark is facing police charges and a substantial fine after fending off a sex attacker — who did not speak the Danish language — with pepper spray.
Elite Bastards Knew Collapse Was Coming
With the usual predictions of riots, etc. as we descend into the depths of economic hell. I'd just show them all the fist of God photo.
Fist Of God, UFO Photo
Rogerio Pacheco took a photo of the fist of God over the Portuguese island of Madeira. Sunday as our erstwhile site owner drove from Ypsilanti to Saline, Michigan...
Global UN Police Force Invited To Skirt Congress, Constitution
On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe.
Inventor Of Internet: Free My Child!
#freetheinternet Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the tech pioneer who was knighted for shaping the way we live and breathe online, he’s the guy who built the very first Web browser in 1989 and made http://
The Donald doesn't feel like being badgered during a debate so that makes him the bad guy. Fox News resorts to name calling. Trump: I'll speak to the CEO of Fox not some underling.
Send In The Billionaires
Once again the small guy that starts up their business, forced bankrupt by bigger businesses will suffer. Hedge funds and private equity groups armed with $60bn of ready cash are ready to snap up the assets of bankrupt US shale drillers, almost guaranteeing that America’s tight oil production will rebound
California Virus Begins Spreading After Leak At U.S. Lab
Buckle up, it's going to be an interesting ride. 200 Ukrainian soldiers sickened, 20 dead as outbreak of weaponized flu begins to spread. Also, a flu epidemic is sweeping through the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk.
Chronic Stress Can Lead To Dementia
Now imagine all the people worrying about having stress that causes dementia.....
Cursed Phone Numbers
Seems that when people get certain phone numbers, they are cursed criminals
Obama Redefines Lame Duck By Using Liberation Theology
We all know about lame duck presidents, where they just sort of meander around the last year
Weekly Standard: Let’s Write Some Shit About Trump
Excerpt from article: There's the permanent pucker, which at rest makes Trump look like a puzzled duck working out long-division problems in its head.
More Google Antics – Google Maps Pixelation Spots
Highly classified spots around the world are blurred out by Google.
New Telescope Sees Invisible Entities Around Sensitive Installations
This is probably nothing more than one of those free energy companies that never produces a product but you never know.
Trump Is Merely A Vessel Of Desire
Yeah, hope and change is what we got. Change to communism and hope that they can be stopped.
Maybe These Scientists Should Call The Guy That Has To Call The Cops To Have Sex….
Really, we're serious here, no screwing around. Some stories are so funny they need no description.
Lurch Actually Said Money We Give Iran To Be Used For Terrorism
Good God in heaven, is there no treasonous act these people will not stoop to in order to ruin the world?
PlainSight Founder Right Again
Been saying for years. This love affair with intelligent robots will be the end of mankind. Period.
Man Not Allowed To Bang Chicks Without Calling Cops First
Sometimes a story is so screwed up all you can do is.....aw hell, this is just funny to read.
NFL Sending Muscle Bound Hitman After Brady?
"Look, if we make this a conspiracy we can charge more for commercials" - which, of course, is the real conspiracy.
Damned Android No Permission Updating, Part 2
While you clowns are out ransacking grocery stores because of a snow storm (how the hell can you not have 5 days of food in your house is beyond me),
Poor Babies, It’s Going To Snow
Yeah, try living in Buffalo.
Iran: Deal With The Devil Or Insanity?
The more we know about the mindset of Iran the more frightening it becomes.
Which Would Piss You Off More…
A mother of 6 stabbed to death in front of her children or a subdivision?
The Final Failure Of Epic Proportions – No Legacy For You
After losing large majorities in the House and Senate, he made it clear that he did not want to listen to the American people, who had overwhelmingly rejected his far-left agenda. Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/429963/obama-legacy-executive-actions-regulations-legislation
Up Up And Away! Blasting Off In 2016
Somehow despite Obama's gutting of NASA, they got fully funded for 2016.
PCR: We Are The Victims Of Massive Fraud
Russia and China now have a strategic alliance that is too strong for Washington. Russia and China will prevent Washington from further encroachments on their security and national interests. Those countries important to Russia and China will be protected by the alliance.
Financial Disaster – The Bastards Keep On Bastarding
There's a storm coming. Those that see it are either glad that they don't have any money or are busy
Google Chrome Updates, Other Apps Even Though You Set It To “No Updates?”
Welcome to the latest Googe screw up. First it was the horseshit with 4.2.2
Albert Edwards – Financial Imbalance Leading To Collapse
The signs are all about - markets are down, oil bubble about to collapse
Mike Rowe’s Latest Dirty Job: Gun Background Checks
Rowe writes that although he’s not opposed to background checks, he’s “skeptical that expanding a broken system is the best way to keep guns away from bad guys and lunatics.” More importantly, he tells President Obama that “from what I can tell, the NRA is not the reason that so
Beck Continues On Road To Oblivion – Cites Fake Trump Tweet
Trump returns the favor and calls him a dope who's company is falling apart.
Oil Bubble Set To Burst For Big Banks
It might not be a bubble as big as the housing debacle in 2008
Emergency Bird Flu Plan Activated: Prelude To Martial Law Or Public Panic Time?
And it's the perfect excuse to drag out an old television show reference AND start a conspiracy.
Netflix Refuses To Play Networks Games – Networks Pissed Off
In the big boy world of entertainment, the entire industry is still going through changes because of companies like Netflix.
Muslims Put Out They’re Treated Like Everyone Else
Yeah, once again we're going there. 53 employees quit over policy Group calls for compromise Muslim workers outraged
Police Accountabilty Activist That Sort Of Looks Like Stalin Set To Endure Soviet Style Punishment
Matthew Townsend, who is active in the police accountability movement, was arrested without cause on February 2, 2015 after he chose to end a conversation with Officer Brockbank. Townsend was conducting an anti-tax protest while garbed in the attire of the Grim Reaper. Pretending that there was evidence of jaywalking
Would Someone Please Stick A Cork In Their Ass? Please, We’re Dying Over Here
Traveler sends handwritten plea for help to flight attendant about a nearby passenger 'farting in rows 10 to 12'
More Economic Collapse News – Baltic Dry Index Crashes,
The Baltic Dry Index has crashed and burned.
Federal Employees Get Another Day Off, Most Depressing Day Of The Year
It's Martin Luther King day and a day off for government employees while most of the private sector continues to plod on in order to support the government employees getting a day off. Most depressing? All the show marathons the networks are showing for the government employees that are getting
Hello Supreme Court: Microsoft Tries To Outlaws Everything But Windows 10
Microsoft in an attempt to force as many users into Windows 10
If You Don’t Think This Financial Collapse Is On Purpose, Think Again
The more information that passes across the screen on our computers, tablets, smartphones the more it becomes obvious that either
Humans Lived In The Arctic 45,000 Years Ago!
Mammoth remains point to humans killing it.
Sean Penn: Well That El Chapo Shit Didn’t Go As Planned
Better leave the interview to the experts, Sean.
If We Close Our Eyes And Wish Reeeaaal Hard Maybe This Will All Go Away
What's amazing is that the political nimrods actually think we haven't figured this out.
Obama Carries A Poker Chip, Rosary And Fairy Dust In His Pocket
The magic fairy dust is for when he needs to baffle us with some more bullshit. Or it could be his magic ISIS marginalizer.
Conservatives And Donald Trump?
Donald Trump moments after finding out 20% of Democrats support him Donald Trump and conservatism don't seem to go together
Merkel In Germany Is As Out Of Touch As Obama
While one stumbles around, totally disconnected to reality, the one in Germany seems to have forgotten that Germans are really, really, really good at hate and killing.
Another Star Trek Item Becomes Real – Genetic Modification Wars!
That's right Khan is about to be created for real!
Okay You Clowns – Does The Sun Trigger Earthquakes? Yeah, We’re Going There
In a never ending quest to stump our readers, here's some half witted evidence about something that sounds very sciencey and stuff.
Welcome To The Party Pal! UK Homeowners Get Right Of Lethal Force On Intruders
As always, the comments are the best part of any story. Here's some observed by our crack team of surfers:
Russell Okung: The American Dream Is Bullshit
Russell Okung is a lineman for the Seattle Seahawks and a very articulate writer. Here’s a snippet of what he just wrote: Last week, I stumbled upon Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham’s essay on economic inequality[note]Link to essay[/note], which he argues is a good thing. Graham is perhaps one of
“Refugee” Halfwits Need Instructions About Not Performing Sexual Assaults
Seriously? These 7th century throwbacks are actually expected not to behave like inbred chimeras? The western German town of Bornheim has banned adult male asylum seekers from its indoor public pool after some German women complained of harassment. "There have been complaints of sexual harassment and chatting-up going on in
The Economic Chickens Have Come Home To Roost – Economic Model Roulette
At some point you've probably asked yourself where the hell did these people get their economic degress, from a Kracker Jack box? In my opinion, anyone who is using Keynesian economics is either stupid beyond belief
World History Screwed Up Once More – Ancient Stone Tools Found
Ancient stone tools from an archaeological site on Sulawesi have pushed back the date of the earliest human occupation of the Indonesian island to at least 118,000 years ago. Lead author Dr Gerrit van den Bergh, from the University of Wollongong, said it was likely this earlier inhabitant was related
Media Trying To Make Trump?
It is a long held axiom that the media can break public figures because they made them public figures in the first place. A sort of Orwellian, ass backwards method of American politics and public life. So what happens when a political figure comes along that the media didn't make,
Obama And His Last State Of The Union – Climate Change
Obama: “Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it. You’ll be pretty lonely” Yeah because you clowns have threatened, browbeaten and humiliated everyone into your goosestep propaganda schedule.
Ted Cruz Details Obama’s Gun Grabbing Agenda
When Ted Cruz addressed the question of whether Obama really does want to confiscate guns from Americans, he offered a list of proofs that are devastating and show the President wants to do exactly that, just like most Democrats. You have to watch this before we list them.
Trump: That Rolling Over Shit Hasn’t Worked Yet, So Yes I Am Very Angry
Trump: First of all Nikki Haley said I was a friend. Wherever you are sitting Nikki, I am a friend. But she did say there was anger. And, I could say, “Oh, I’m not angry.” I’m very angry! Because our country is being run horribly. And, I will gladly accept
All New Conspiracy: Nikki Haley Replaced By Android!
A bizarre statement springs out of Nikki Haley’s pie hole: Haley declared that presidential favorite Sen. Marco Rubio “believes in amnesty” at 3 pm before she flipped 180 degrees to adopt the Rubio campaign talking point that he is “not for amnesty” just a few hours later, leading someone to
Lacking 3rd Grader Knowledge: Obama Gets Age Of U.S. Wrong
Liberation theology politics at it’s finest getting a simple fact wrong. One has to wonder what other bad information is rolling around in Obama’s cranium. Of course he’ll have some handy excuse and obscure “fact” that will back his lack of basic knowledge up.
Limbaugh: Just A Few More Things On Nikki Haley Attack On GOP
RUSH: It’s the first time in my life I can remember the response to the State of the Union Nikki Haley not going after the president but rather going off on the front-runner of, in this case, her own party.
All Leftists Agree: Call Anyone Telling The Truth A Criminal
Planned Parenthood filed a racketeering lawsuit against anti-abortion activist David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress group on Thursday, calling the group “a complex criminal enterprise conceived and executed by anti-abortion extremists.”
Conspiracy: NATO Whacked Gaddafi Per Hillary
An old conspiracy is better than no conspiracy any day! And any conspiracy that has the new world order, Hillary Clinton and NATO in it is even better. Add in some Gold and you have the best tasting consipiracy ever!
No Such Thing As Midlife Crisis
Shit. Now what do I do with that Corvette and Harley?
New World Order Kills Dogs With Flu
In order to take the pressure off the cops killing dogs.
Witches Execution Site Found
And all it took were 3 eyes of newt, 2 frog lips and some black flower.
Trump Supporters Are Losers
Ignoring the fact that they don't like being beaten down by the government and want someone who will do something about it.
Limbaugh: Fixing This Mess Will Take Multiple Elections
We have got to weed out as much of liberalism from the fabric of our government as we can
GOP Lecture Of The Union Response Strategy: Send Chick Out To Blast Trump
These people are really good at rolling over for Obama.
Market Carsh: Oil Headed To 1998 Prices
Consumers aren't buying as much fuel because the recession never ended and there are 94 million people not in the job market and of course the boogie man, climate change.
State Of The Union Lecture Summary Before It Happens
Republicans - it's all their fault. Dammit, just hand in your guns. 8 years just ain't enough time, I'm staying. Refugees! Amnesty! Woo Hoo! First I've heard about it, I'm pissed. My teleprompter is busted, hey Ryan will you whack it for me?
Obama’s New Bestest Friends Seize Two Navy Vessels
HA! Could be a secret mission to deliver some "stuff" to Iran
Unrealistic Expectations Meet Cold Hard Reality
Which of course causes immense suffering.
Space Snail Seen Crawling Across Pluto
Space snail sounds better than “dirty block” of ice water “floating” in dense solid nitrogen while being dragged to the edge of a convection cell.
Oil Droppin’ Faster Than Frasier
Does the historical data show that deflation is actually a terrible thing?
Nightclub In Calgary Shot Up: Bouncers Put The Hurt On Shooters
Another exciting episode of everyone's favorite game show: Guess the religion, where the prizes get really big!
Gilligan’s Island Getting Crowded – or – The Matrix Has A Glitch
In communist China, billionaires are vanishing at a fast clip. Anyone seen the long knives?
The Only Thing That Can Save Hillary: Flying Saucers
You knew there would eventually be a UFO in the 2016 election.
Like We Said, He’s Going To Double Down On Guns
Happens every single time - the public doesn't like it so Obama doubles down.
Modern Police Channeling Ernst Röhm
Yeah, we're going there.
Social Media Big 3 Ban Talk About Raping “Refugees” In Germany
And the bestest part? They're getting a former Stasi to manage the deal.
Yeah, We’re Going To Go Ahead And Take Your Land
Yet one more reason for the 2nd amendment. Stand by for the next armed confrontation with the BLM.
These Idiots Don’t Even Know How To Use Fed-Ex
Exactly how stupid do you have to be to ship a Hellfire missile to a communist country instead of NATO?
Newsflash: Actual Number Of Jobs Added In December: 11,000
And the depression rolls on despite efforst by the Center For Creative Reality.
Hey! Look At Me Shooting Myself In The Foot Again. Of Course I’ll Double Down Since You Don’t Like It
NRA approval soars after world's greatest communist issues gun control decrees.
Couric To Ryan: What Did You Think About President Crying?
Ryan: I'm going to roll over on immigration, the budget, the military, all treaties, global warming, and anything else I can think of tonight.
Fat Boy With Bad Haircut Once Again Threatens War
Meanwhile North Korea citizens starve in work camps.
Stand By For Another Obama Infrastructure Lecture
Followed by some meetings, breakout groups and hand wringing. Meanwhile in California....
Monkey Loses Copyright Case In Court
So it's come down to this, eh? Monkey losing cases in court.
Sack Of Shit Mayor Denies Shooter’s Confession Of ISIS Sympathy
Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross says the officer was sitting in his patrol car around 11:30 p.m. at 60th and Spruce Streets when a gunman fired 13 shots through the driver’s side of the car.
Economy Begins Free Fall Into Despair – The Depression Rolls On
Internal strife flashpoints Lower Wages = Less Buying Power Canadian Economy Stalls Brazil economy in crapper Nigerian Economic Downturn
Taya Kyle: Why Not Give People Hope Instead Of Rules That Don’t Work
This could be an episode of American Stutterers.
Entire MSM Back On The Birther Bandwagon – Cruz Ineligible?
You'll remember the entire mainstream media community was rolling on the Obama birther bandwagon - now they're back! ABC News US News Washington Post Huffington Post Realclear Politics CNN MSNBC CBS
Chinese Immigrant: Naive To Believe Gun Control Works
I am a Chinese immigrant and an American citizen by choice. I once was a slave before and I will never be one again
GOP Leaders Ready To Cave
"No worries, we'll roll over on the constitution in record time."
GOP Dragging Out GWB To Stop Trump Juggernaut
Which gives us a great excuse to use our favorite Trump pic.
Release the Kracken!
1) Muslim invasion 2) Militia showdown 3) San Diego tornadoes 4) L.A. methane cloud 5) Obama gun confiscation 6) North Korean nuke 7) Retail collapse 8) Chinese market crashing The question remains: Will he go quietly into the night or find an excuse to hang on.
The More We Know The More Monsterous Benghazi Becomes
Most astounding is the lengthy section delineating the huge threat that Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves, estimated at “143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver,” posed to the French franc (CFA) circulating as a prime African currency. In place of the noble sounding “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P)
Found: Good Place To Find Alien Civilizations
And we're not in a spot where you'd expect to find intelligent life. Get it?
Franklin Graham: Sin Is Celebrated And Our Faith Is Publicly Scorned
Welcome to living under a socialist tyranny reverend. Elections have consequences.
Send In The Crocodile (Tears)
You've got to give these people cudos for their acting abilities.
Hackers Take Down Grid
Last month there was an instance where hackers, possibly of Russian origin, briefly took control of computer systems at a hydroelectric dam in New York.
Let's play super constitution violation where the prizes are really big!
The Great “Refugee” Caper Gets Swarthy Farmer Freaked Out
That's quite possibly the coolest headline ever written
God: You Clowns Stepping Over The Line This Time
Vows another flood, some guy in Denmark builds ark.
Epic Fail: Reporter Thinks North Pole, Alaska Is Real North Pole
Another fine example of the American educational system
Humpbacks Protest Obama Vacation
Aye Captain, there be whales here!
Scalia: Religious Neutrality Is Bullshit
Stand by for indignation by the leftists.
Militia Takes Over Federal Building In Burns, OR A Perfect False Flag For Obama Gun Control?
Live Stream. Here's the summary. Pete Santilli is streaming from the Hammond march and says that part of the group is heading to a federal building to seize and occupy it. There was a meeting at another place where hundreds of armed patriots met and then headed out presumably to
Countries Set To Ignore Moon Aliens And Build Moon Bases
You know....when Kubrick faked the moon landing because the aliens banned us from the hollow moon
Obama To Take Unilateral Action; Will Double Down When Uproar Ensues
Let's play an exciting game of Banana Republic law making!
2015: Year Congress Disbanded
Not officially, however they have totally given all of their power to a tyrant.
While Spending $500k + On Vacation World’s Greatest Communist Gives Foreigners Work Status
Shows how much the 94,000,000 Americans out of work mean to him. Nothing.
Anti-Jew Witch Hunt Snares Congressional Members
All we need are a few swastikas and we're good to go.
Terminator Not To Be Used By Marines
Uses a 475 horsepower hemi engine - too loud for the military.
Reptilian Overlords Fighting Over Land At South Pole
Nothing to do with the story but any chance to use reptilian overlords in a headline is worth it.
Visitors So Mesmerized While Reading PlainSightNetwork Headline, Winding Up In Emergency Rooms!
Yes, we are the best headline aggregation site on the web, but please pay attention people!
Military Commanders Left After The Real Ones Were Fired Say They’ll Turn Over Military To Real Soldiers When Trump Elected
And the best part is (of course) not one has a name to put with their quotes. Isn't disinformation fun?
Bernie Sanders Brainstorm: Get Trump Supporters To Switch To 74 Year Old Communist
Instead of making America great again, thinks that Depends and 90% taxes are the ticket. Yeah.
Here’s An Idea. We’ll Get People To Live To 200 So They Can Work And Support The State Longer!
Just when you thought you could die and get out of this shit hole planet, along comes Google.....
CNN Anchor Can’t Take It Any More, Vapor Locks And Passes Out
The reptilian overlords do this from time to time when they're not shapeshifting.
Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain, I Am Oz!
In other news, leftists sever all ties with reality.
Central Government Ready To Target Internet Users For “Bullying”
Let's play 'guess the political party that gets arrested first'
Spaghetti Armed Wimpy Guy Feels Inadequate Around Burly Men
Target rich environment, too many snide comments available.
Hate Crime Threats Against White Men
Article names Ben Carson, a black man, as a member of this elite group of world killing bastards.
Snake Plissken: Yeah, I Shoot Shit All The Time
"And I'd go back to New York and kick their asses again", says the hero
Government Does Not Have Rights To Delegate
Can you delegate a right that you don’t have to someone else?
Too Cheap To Replace Broken Stuff Or Thumbing Nose At monopolization
Back in the mid 90's the PlainSight editor saw the big corporations taking over the internet
Don’t Pull Plug At Gunpoint Plea Triggers Recovery
Now that's what I call a Christmas Miracle.
Kerry Gives Nod To Terrorist State To Send Citizens To U.S.
Iranians seen as key to declaring martial law to cancel 2016 elections
Fat Man Says Give Us Free Shit And The Killing Will Stop
Apparently bribes will work just like in other banana republics
CNN: 4th Century Barbarians That Rape And Kill Same As Jesus
Still looking in the Bible about where Jesus beheaded and raped.
Foreign Crackers Stealing Plans Of U.S. Power Grid
Lemme guess, nobody is doing a damned thing about it. Wait a minute, then the central government can "impose" order.
Watch Out You Twits, I’m Fixing To Really Screw Everything Up
Take a look at the bad guy, you're never gonna see a bad guy like this again.
Watch As Girls And Women Are Dragged Off By ISIS For Raping
Would somebody please go over there and kill these 4th century throwbacks from hell? Read account by survivor
Behavior And Individual Americans – The Left’s collectivist agenda
Obama keeps saying "that's not who we are"; he doesn't know who the hell we are as a nation in the first place. In this environment, Donald Trump is using the concept of individual freedom to it's maximum
Keeps Getting Better And Better: Sheriff Alerted After Man Buys BBs and Razor Blades
I'm going to Wal-Mart to buy some propane and road flares. That ought to get them scratching their noggins.
PlainSight Right Again: Slumburbs On The Way
Remember that word, slumburbs and who came up with it for Obama's "plan".
Congratulations – You Didn’t Care Any More And Now CISA Is Law
The most vocal complaint involved CISA’s information-sharing channel, which was ostensibly created for responding quickly to hacks and breaches, and which provided a loophole in privacy laws that enabled intelligence and law enforcement surveillance without a warrant. It's great! Now the feds can be on you like stink on shit.
Cats And Personal Space – They’re Like The NSA Shoving Their Noses Everywhere
The staff at PlainSight know all about this. Click on the photo for proof.
Trump: Your Budget Deal Is Pretty Shitty
So ISIS Aren’t Real Muslims But Fake Emails Threatening Terror Are Hoaxes Because They Weren’t Muslim Enough?
The outright lies we're being told stretch the limits of the entire fabric of the universe. Seriously.
Economy Is So Good Fed Raises Rate – First Time In 9 Years
If you don't see the comedy in the headline, take a look at the U3 and U6 figures.
The Problem With Football Is All That Football Crap
Tune in next week for another exciting episode of "You can't make this shit up".
Obama Lectures On ISIS, Wants Americans To Stay Gullible
Hopes you won't notice he's spending something like 100 million dollars to vacation in Hawaii.
Perfessor: White Privilege Caused Michigan
Direct from the smash hit "You can't make this shit up".
Lurch Meets With Putin For Pompous Lecture
Says he's not going to trade Ukraine for Syria so you know that's what he's going to do.
Researchers: Healthy Diet Causes Climate Change
The answer is (of course) Bacon! More Bacon! Bacon for everyone! Mandatory Bacon!
Feds Find Way To Make Gasoline Prices Go Back Up
It's simple - just have a hysteric rate hike meeting.
Couple Of Government Guys Blow Something Out Of Proportion
Follow the money to the drug screening companies.
Bragging Rights Baby, We Stopped 0.0002% Of Illegals
That's right, ICE stopped 0.0002% of criminal illegal aliens
Nostradamus Wrong About Trump
Meanwhile in his 204 Quatrain..... Northern wind will cause the siege to be raised This enterprising and prudent person will suddenly be reduced in silence Not far from the age of the great millennium Then wars will start anew
EPA: Don’t Use The Fan When You’re In The Can
Has nothing to do with the news item, just like that line.
Confederate Flag Unacceptable, Assassinate Donald Trump Song Is A-Okay
You guys stopped selling the Confederate flag because those are offensive to people but apparently calling for the murder of a presidential candidate, that's an acceptable product to be selling Call to Target Call To Amazon Call to iTunes
Unqualified Spokesman For Unqualified Administration Is Apparently Dumb As A Box Of Rocks
That's right, rocks. Not the pretty kind either, the kind that the fake Mars rovers take pictures of in Canada.
So This Guy Says The Mars Rovers Are On An Island In Canada
They lost me when they used read instead of the color red. We stoped redding at that point.
Another Year End Top 10 List!
Keep 'em coming. This time around it's obvious study conclusions.
The Sad Truth: Work Until You Die
The best reason for a flat tax. There is truly no hope for most people, no rest, no retirement. Just die at your job in the end. 62%, no matter how hard we work have no hope.
FYI: Here’s A Map Of The Syrian Conflict
Map from the Institute For The Study Of War
This Is Humanity At Work: Israeli Special Forces Rescue Enemies Every Night
This sort of gives us hope that humans may have some sort of chance to avoid a total meltdown.
Doctors Without Borders Targeted By Empire
Bandwagon jumping: Everyone else is usinging Star Wars Wording.....
Okay, So We’ll Call Menorahs Islamophobic Just To Screw With The Jews
Really? Do we call their favorite beheading boxcutter Jewaphobic?
Looks Like Someone’s Getting A Horse Head In Bed
Or at the very least a lecture from the world's greatest communist.
Stay Out Of This Chick’s Courtroom, She Might Have Your Noggin Wacked Off Or Something
Get ready for Sharia. This is gonna get good by the time it's over.
Time For An End Of Year List! Instagram’s Top 10
And there ain't none of them like you.
I Was Right – We Are Surrounded By Idiots: Bullshit Internet Memes
Our old show was called "Surrounded by Idiots" before health problems forced a retirement. We are in fact surrounded by idiots.
Fed Their Children: Absolute Depravity By 7th Century Barbarians
These "people" are depraved inbred subhumans that should be defeated by any means.
Propane Tanks Stolen, Mass Cellphone Purchases
We realize that the typical false flag “just innocent purchases” storyline is upcoming at any time, however putting 2 and 2 together isn’t that hard. The information is all there, it only takes a little while to put it all together. From October 2015 Explosives in Mark Twain National Forest
Idiot Opens Big Mouth
Dum dum finds a bunker in his back yard and yaps to everyone about it. People like this are going to get bitten by the zombies first.
Cat As Big As A House Snarfs Big Macs
And I thought my mother's cat was big as a house.
Blah, Blah, Blah, Last Chance To Save Earth, Blah, Blah
All that's left is how much they're going to take from the citizens to line their government spandex pockets all the while not a damn thing will happen other than figuring out how to make it as painful as possible for us. Meanwhile, Arid regions around the world greening up
ISIS Oil Purchased By (Wait For It)…..Syria
The Syrian regime has done business with ISIS from day one, just as it did with al Qaeda’s Nusra Front and other rebels who took over energy assets early in the war.
GOP Readies To Alienate 65% Of Party, Begin Moves To Remove Trump As Nominee
Mark our words carefully: If they do this, there will be a 3rd party election of Trump as the GOP self castrates themselves.
435 Men And Women To Vote For Genocide
Since their total IQ adds up to 50, they'll probably think it's a good idea.
Spewing Hate, Dividing Races, Ignoring The Constitution, Breaking Laws – What Did They Think Would Happen?
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You wanted to move the country to the left. Did you really think the other half of the country would just sit there while you broke more laws, abused more power and took away more of their civil rights?
Security News Shouldn’t Be Irresponsible Sound Bites
We have already seen far too many examples of “stupid” security from the president’s irresponsible impulse to appropriate the San Bernardino attack to press his gun control to a wave of reckless attempts at curbing terrorist travel.
Norway: We’ll Give You $9300 And A Plane Ticket To Get The Hell Out
And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Dimwits All Agree: We’re Always Wrong
8 U.S. Code § 1182 - Inadmissible aliens
Breaking: Pot Calls Kettle Black
An unqualified spokesman speaking for an unqualified President of an unqualified administration says that someone else is unqualified.
$20 Oil??!
OPEC removes all quotas, price per barrel could go into free fall.
Sheriff: PC Is Now “Protecting Citizens” Not Politically Correct
Like each of you, I have had enough of terrorists and others deciding to target U.S. citizens because they want to make a statement or get their 15 minutes of fame. I believe that the fear of terrorism is much larger and encompassing than the terrorists themselves. I encourage our
Obama’s Going To Double Down – 60% Oppose Refugee Program
And that's before San Bernardino! Always remember that when the public doesn't want it, that's when Obama does it anyways just to shit things up real good.
“Refugee” Program Targeted
In today's exciting episode of DUH, we find our heros are once more totally clueless.
It’s The Agenda. Always The Agenda – Remember That
Once people realize that they all work for the elite – regardless of party affiliation – then eyes will open to the truth. Until then, people will continue to hold to their biases like a teddy bear.
Democrat Leaders To Attend Radical Mosque
Um, what, they're looking to get some helpful tips to destroy America even quicker?
Obama: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! And We Want Yer Guns Too
Once more, our fearless leader makes pompus lecture designed to placate the unaware, unawake, lamestream media watchers. Watch a better analysis by some guy that gets it.
Turkey Invades Iraq To Protect Erdogans ISIS Oil Supply?
Putin's Turkey ISIS Oil Evidence Is Turkey Benefiting From ISIS Oil? Did Turkey Shoot Down Russian Plane To Protect ISIS Oil Supply?
Man Get Into Fist Fight With Stone Age Chimp
This follows on the heels of some chimps entering stone age. It's like Planet Of The Apes out there. Looks like we gots us a new racial war coming on
Greatest Communist To Give Lecture Sunday Night
We're figuring one of two topics: 1. Executive order banning some guns. 2. Petulant demands that we sit down and shut up about the religion of peace. If it's number 2, we laugh, if it's number one we'll all need to go to Washington to have a "talk" with him.
University of Tennessee: No Jesus This Christmas….Or Else
Hopefully it won't be a beheading or crucifixion as a penalty.
So A Muslim And A Democrat Have A Conversation…
Somewhere in the bowels of Facebook comes a conversation…. MUSLIM: “We did this because our holy texts exhort us to to do it.” DEMOCRAT: “No you didn’t.” MUSLIM:”Wait, what? Yes we did…” DEMOCRAT: “No, this has nothing to do with religion. You guys are just using religion as a front
Meanwhile, Children Taken Away Because Of “Christian Indoctrination”
Sometimes you just have to sit back and say "What in the holy hell is happening on this planet?" Try this for an answer.
And If You Believe This, We Got A Great Healthcare Plan For You
Here's your clues: Pilots say no ISIS targets to bomb Obama admin blocks 75% of ISIS targets Apparently they expect us to actually believe what they spew out of their pie holes.
Linked To Pakistan’s Most Radical Cleric And Mosque Slides Right Through Vetting
And we're supposed to trust the "refugee" vetting process? Seriously?
Peggy Noonan Gets It
A country under seige from within.
PlainSight Commentary
We'd like to know why the alphabet agencies have been wasting their time tracking every word we say on our computers, cell phones, emails, word documents, virtually everything we do and seeming "miss" some Pakistani from Saudi Arabia that can to America on a fiance visa, get vetted in a
Bud Weisser Arrested
Yes, we are proudly going there.
Pathological Denial Of Reality?
Only by the dimwits in "charge" of the country.
72 DHS Employees On Terrorist Watchlist
There are times when you simply cannot make this shit up.
Theory: Mass Shootings To Get Gun Control?
Apart from wanting to instill fear in people, imo this could very well be an attempt from Radical extremists to also push for gun control in America. An America disarmed, that would only have LEOs and military armed would be more easily infiltrated, and attacked en mass by Islamist radicals.
Barbara Boxer The Day After: Gun Control Works
Apparently having victims unable to protect themselves is now a success.
Now They Mock Those Who Pray
Psalm 14:1-4 To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who
Something Has Driven The Crazy People Insane In The Past 7 Years
No, there haven’t always been so many mass shootings. It hasn’t always been this way. Mass shootings have skyrocketed in this country just in the last seven years under President Obama.
DOJ Lynch: Terrorist Shooting “Wonderful Opportunity”
Seriously, do these idiots ever think about the inane comments them make?
Obama: Exec Order On Gun Control Will Stop Terrorists
And when it doesn't, then I'll lecture you some more and screw you some more.
One San Bernardino I.D.’d As Syed Rizwan Farook
Female suspect I.D.'d as Tashfeen Malik, 27. CBS article of incident ISIS celebrates with #americaburning
Russia: Here’s Your Clue
If true, will blow the situation right up - NATO member accused of backing ISIS. On Wednesday the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces presented evidence demonstrating Turkish involvement in funding the Islamic State.
Joint Chief’s Chairman Didn’t Get Memo
Snap: About to be removed on trumped up charges.
Sit Down And Shut Your Pie Hole….Or Else
You vill not criticize de government in the UK. Yeah, it's gonna come here once the government henchmen hear about this.
World’s Biggest Communist Lost His Mojo
Limbaugh:This is thematic, and trust me here: Cohen writing about it is indicative that more and more on the left, and even Drive-Bys are feeling the same thing. There's massive disappointment with Obama. You go back to the heady days of the 2008 campaign, the promise, the utopian outlook, all
Just To Make This Election Even More Odd…..Ventura For President
Maybe we'll finally get to the bottom of the secret space program, chemtrails, UFOs, secret societies, area 51, plum island, Reptilian, death rays and a bunch more.
WTF – Obama Signs Pro NRA Bill
Expands military to civilian sales, allows troops on base to be armed, protects lead ammo
And That’s (hic) Another (hic) Thing…
Drunk chicks get together to bitch about stuff.
Federal Court Upholds Cross At Veterans Memorial
The U.S. Constitution allows a large Latin cross to stay as the centerpiece of the Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial, a federal court in Maryland ruled Monday.
Once More Everyone Ignores Self Aware Robots A Bad, Bad Idea
One more time. The last thing you're going to think to yourself is "Damn, that PlainSightNetwork guy was right" as the robots burn your eyes out with their laser beams.
Obama Orders Border Closed!
In Turkey. I imagine the Turks loved the lecture.
One More Law Broken.
The Immigration and Nationality Act of June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, which became Public Law 414. Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force,
Who Is Really Buying ISIS Oil?
How does ISIS sell oil? Map traces oil route. Who else is buying ISIS Oil.
Black Friday Bust
PlainSight staffers perused local stores on black Friday - very, very uncrowded as in no shoppers.
India Rails Against Carbon Imperialism
India biggest obstacle Agenda 21 replacement COP21 barrier  
Obama Threatens States With “Enforcement”
He's got to get this shit rolling in time to cancel the elections in 2016
Oh Snap: Radio Signals From Outside Of Milky Way
They could be here in less than 1,000,000 years! In other news, Obama gives them refugee status and food stamps.
Obama To France: Taking Notes For Shutting Down PlainSight
The French government have rushed through strict “anti-terror” laws in the wake of the Paris attacks, which are now seeing alternative news websites being shut down in France.
Chicago Celebrates Black Friday With Mass Protests That Shut It Down
Led by Jesse Jackson of the Justice Brothers, demands seat at the table and $1 million in small unmarked bills.
Holy Shit! These People Are Nuts!!
Being Thankful Is Better With The Leftists
Slavery makes us thankful to be free, The darkness of the left makes us thankful for living in the light.
Sexy Robot Steals Show…Are You Insane?
Sexy robots? Bad enough they now disobey. Combine sexy with defying humans and you come up with a robot that doesn't take no for an answer. How you going to deal with THAT?
I’ve Been Telling You For YEARS
The owner of this site has been saying this for years. The robots are going to kill us if we don't take precautions. God Damn it, we're going to commit suicide if we keep going like this.
CBS News: U.S. Created ISIS
The US created and funded a terrorist regime in Syria that would be used to destabilize the region and create a specific advantage for American interests over China and Russia.
Better Worry: Obama Says Everything’s Okay
Remember, ISIS is contained, You're going to save on healthcare and (bonus) the economy is going great
For The Sake Of What Shall We Fight?
Next generation clueless and lost
Let’s Play NATO Word Soup!
Blah blah blah serious matter, blah blah come to table blah blah blah damn russkies
Bezos: Wham, Pow, To The Moon Alice!
The guy actually did it, vertical landing rocket ship!
White House Wants You To Talk About Guns On Thanksgiving
Okay. No matter what, I prefer the 1911 Browning. Or the Springfield XD. Let's go shooting after dinner. Happy Obama?
Fake Bomb Maker Wants 10 Million Dollars
Or the next one will be real?
Bo Dietl: Scare The Shit Out Of Everyone, Forget, Repeat
See, strip searching grandma did work!
Turks Shoot Down Archduke Ferdinand’s Jet
And that's how world wars start? Any questions? Well, let me answer a few. After you gut the best military leaders, you start a world war that you plan on losing.
Now It Gets Interesting
Now is the time this starts to get interesting and dangerous. We have a leader and staff who are becoming more and more transparent in their beliefs and ulterior motives. As they move to destroy the country that they are supposed to lead, several possibilities emerge from the mist of
Black Friday – Feeding Frenzy Or Step Back?
REI stays closed Friday Target ignores criticism Asda bows out of Black Friday
No Wonder The PlainSight Editor Is So Good Looking
Seriously, the guy's like a Greek God.
Well, That Ain’t Supposed To Happen….
Yet another reason why the PlainSight HQ modem has a signal reflector.
9th Grader Invents Ocean Current Generator For $12
When Herbst tested the device in the Boca Raton Intracoastal Waterway, where the current comes in from the Atlantic Ocean, she was able to power a set of LED lights.
Utah Students Forced To Make ISIS Recruitment Poster
This shit's just going to far. How about we sing an Islamic Fight song instead....
Ancient Roman Coins Found In Switzerland
The stash of more than 4,000 bronze and silver coins is believed to have been buried some 1,700 years ago.
DHS Won’t Find Missing “Refugee” Because It Violates His Rights
Remember in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where it turns out they were all escaped from the mental asylum? It's like that in real life.
What You’ve Heard Is A Lie…Again
They are doing a terrific job of taking Trump out of context. He was leaving the stage, I guess it was last night, he was doing a personal appearance somewhere, he was leaving the stage....
Obama Shuts Down Refugees……in 2011
Despite all the nattering and whining, Obama has shut down refugees in the past.
Anonymous Whacks Away At ISIS
ISIS calls them "idiots" - Anon takes down 20k in response Doing more harm than good? History of Anonymous.
Largest U.S. Healthcare Provider Considers Bailing On Obamacare
Editors Note: My healthcare costs are going up 210% Jan 1, 2016.
FanDuel Suspends NY Team Betting
NY Attorny General Investigating legality of site.
So When One Of These “Refugees” Turns Terrorist, Will Obama Take The Blame?
Just wondering. Someone has to say it and I just went there. -ed
Obama: Worst Timing In The World
Within a few hours of the great leader taunting everyone with his "widows and children" comments, one of them homicide bombs French police.
NASA: Antarctic Ice Growing Since 1993
Fastest Ice Accumulation in 300 years Arctic temps cooling
B52 Turns 60
Still flying at 60 years and could go to 2040!
Missing “Refugee” Found….In DC
He was just sightseeing and taking photos. Lots and lots and lots of photos.
CIA: It’s All Because Of Climate Change
Thomas Jefferson: Hold on there, chief
Breitbart: Los Zeta Assassins In U.S. – Vanish
Once in Texas, the Los Zetas gunmen were able to disappear into the the United States without any U.S. law enforcement agency doing anything about it.
Terrorist Sympathizer?
As usual, there has been near-total silence from those Islamic mullahs who, we are told, are “moderates.” It is their silence that is leading me, among others, to wonder whether we should any longer regard Islam as a religion at all.
Do The Bodies Form A Message?
Woo Hoo! They’re Here! They’re Here!
See if your city is on the list!
The Donald: “Refugees” Trojan Horse
The Donald get it. Why doesn't anyone else?
Protesters Protest Losing Limelight
Soros is paying us good money for protesting so we need more media coverage
Manhunt! Meanwhile, Bombs Away
Hunt underway for escaped terrorists
PCR: Paris A False Flag?
French to invoke article 5?
As Always, The French Knew They Were There
French reports say that the man, who was around 30 years old, ,was already known to French, anti-terrorist authorities, prior to last night’s attacks.
Styen: The Barbarians Are Here
I'm so bloody sick of these ,savages shooting and, bombing and killing and, blowing up everything, I like.
Meanwhile In Fantasy Land….
Obama: Send in the "refugees". What could possibly go wrong?
It’s War In France
Geller: Despite all this horror,the European Union elites are bringing into Europe millions of these savages. ITV Yahoo Sky News
Amherst Students Demand Elimination Of Free Speech
So these kids are using free speech to demand an end to free speech....that damned constitution again.
Penn State: Snowmen Are White Privilege
Wait til they try to ban snow too.
Best Trump Speech Ever?
Trump shows up about 20 minutes into the video.
Ring Of Fire Increase – Stand By For Whacky Theories
Some theories you're likely to hear: Planet X Aliens Underground military bases People at center of Earth pissed off Gaia is upset Climate Change
Hunger Strike A Hoax
Father railroad exec., makes 6 million a year. Crybaby lost his free healthcare so the university prez had to resign.
Council Of Mayors Joins Global Parliment
The problem is that it is another phantom layer of government that was not elected by the people and does not act in the best interests of the American people. Mayors are elected by the people to represent their local interests, not the global interests as dictated by the United
U.S. To Help Iran Nuclear Plant
Direct from the leftward land of silliness. You can't make this stuff up.
Clever Marketing Or Real Malware?
Malware that only appears at "non authorized" app stores
PlainSight readers figure it out again!
29 Bells, 40 Years On
"Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn minutes to hours"
Oregon County Gives New Power To Sheriff
Mass shooting county gives sheriff authority to nullify federal gun laws.
Misery Loves Company: Missouri Head Out
President resigns Football players tag along Players threaten season walkout
10 Years Later, Exactly 1 immigration Form Digitized
The government has spent more than $1 billion trying to replace its antiquated approach to managing immigration. A decade in, all that officials have to show for the effort is a single form.
Limbaugh: Krugman Devoid Of Reality
Need I remind you of the news two weeks ago that half of the people who work in this country make less than $30,000 a year? When you read Krugman describe the US economy, do you see any evidence of it?
Hundreds Missing, No Clues
There are 35 "cluster areas" in the US where the most people have been identified--and no clues to the disappearences have been found--they are simply--"gone" It is completely unexplained--but the most chilling part ot me is the evidence of apparant cover-up by our government of information about these people--that they
Yahoo: No Idea What Internet Is For
Claims internet purpose to supposed to facilitate better exchange between the public and news media. Apparently they ain't never been on IRC chat.
Assassination Attempt On Ben Carson
Limbaugh: This is a political assassination attempt. I want to tell you something. There is nothing in this article that demonstrates that Ben Carson did not meet with General Westmoreland. Media Targets This has to stop Entire article fabricated
Ben Carson: I Have No Experience
Link to post on Facebook. Tonight, going through all of your questions, I wanted to touch on a few issues that seem to be asked by many people. I would like to deal with one question tonight in some detail. The issue is experience. Several people ask what they should
Faith Based Shopper? Here’s Your Stores
Results might just surprise you.
Trump: Screw You Guys, I’ll Negotiate With Them
World's "greatest" negotiator to negotiate debate formats with networks.
NASA About To Get “A Come To Jesus” Call
NASA releases a report that flies in the face of climate change - Antarctica is adding ice.
911, What’s Your Emergency?
Uh, my house is missing...
Shipwrecks Serving Up Discoveries
Like the Antikythera device, shipwrecks are giving up their secrets
Predatory Men Exposed
Woman poses as drunk, predatory men hit on her
Internet Freedom Falls Once More
As governments continue to crap up the internet, only the citizens pay for it.
Worst Agreement….Ever
This is even worse than that Manhattan for $20 of beads and trinkets deal with the citizens playing the part of the Indians.
Limbaugh Royally Pissed Off – listen
See also “CNBC’s Shitshow of epic proportions“
CNBC Lays Stink Bomb, Clears Room
Trump: Glad we limited debate time so we can get the hell out of here.
MI Town: No Approval For Islamic School, DOJ Sues
Less than 3 miles from PlainSight headquarters. DOJ: You're going to accept being invaded....or else!
Yeah, About That Giving Up Your Guns Deal
Turns out it was pretty damned stupid, eh? Lock and Load. Pry from cold dead hands. Let God sort them out. Etc, etc..
Get Your Red Hot Baby Brains Here! Red Hots!
honestly, this is so disgusting (again), there's nothing to say.
Impeachment Begins….
Let me tell you how this is going to work. Someone will "visit" Jason Chaffetz ("Say senator, that's a nice family you have there. Be a shame if something happened to them") and suddenly the impeachment deal will somehow get derailed. Just like the Supreme Court.
50% In Poorhouse
Just over poverty level
Artifical Space ‘Object’ To Hit Sri Lanka
You read that right. Artificial object.
More Proof Insane Run U.S.
White House conceded Monday that Chicago is a city with a high rate of gun crimes and murder despite having very strict gun control laws. But that’s even more of an argument for stricter national laws. You can't make this shit up.
Guy Carves In Cave 25 Years, Reveals His Carvings
10 bucks says he's going to get arrested for some obscure bullshit crime that has no point other than to make sure nobody else does this.
We Live Under Reflexive Law?
To the globalist, the Constitution is out. The Rule of law has collapsed. Reflexive Law has surpassed it all.
Avenger In Trouble – Equal Pay Not His Job
Today's Internet outrage will be pointed at (pulls out paper with random name on it)... Jeremy Renner.
MSM & Climatetards Rejoice! Death / Mayhem On The Way
And it's heading to Mexico so it's a threefer! Biggest storm ever! Refugees! Mayhem! And we get to hear about how there's going to be gigantic storms ripping apart the entire world because of GW. It's gonna be great.
Pay Walls On News Sites On The Way
Translation: They’re going to drive even more traffic towards alternative media.
No Bullets For You!
Obama says GOP not addressing "modern" security threats. You mean like Christians and Constitution believers?
The Past Sucked – Really, Really Sucked
Even as the middle class sinks into poverty, the lower classes of the past had a life that sucked.
Steer Straight……Left 360!
If you're a member of Rush Limbaugh you know exactly what I mean.
Propaganda: Illegals Will End 2nd Amendment And NRA
And remember to always use the Charlton Heston photo for impact.
Stop Screwing Around – Where Do You Stand
on the issues that we care about, not the pointless drivel that you clowns keep spouting off about.
Biggest Biden Gaffe….EVER!
Biden: Well there you go Barry, I pulled it off without a hitch. Barry: Joe you ass, you were supposed to say you ARE running!
Dumbasses: Let’s Create A Black Hole AND
open a door to another universe. What could possibly go wrong?
Reality Glitches
Ever experience a little glitch in the Matrix? See something totally odd? Wind up somewhere that doesn't exist?
Wal-Mart Puts Corp. Hands Around Suppliers Throats
We wonder if they realize that they're going to destroy the very customers that purchase from them.
Depression Continues, Global Trade Collapses
Meanwhile, the idiots still think that socialism is the way to go.
Half Wit Says Gun Owners Should Be Shot First
A short bus rider at Salon says if you want a gun you should be shot as part of the purchase. Did you know that Liberals/leftists/commies/socialists are stupid and insane?
Kepler Telescope And Allen Radio Telescope Checking….
For alien signals from star that may have structures around it. UN and politicians excited to have another civilization to shit up.
Get Arrested BEFORE Comiting A Crime
Seriously, they want to start tracking your ass all day and night and nab you up if you even think about doing something wrong. Did you know that there are now 40,000 plus laws and regulations at the federal level? Trust us, Stasi 2.0 know you’re breaking at least one
Know What Happens When You Disagree With The New Religion?
The assholes want to put you in prison just for disagreeing. It’s called an inquisition and is part of Stasi 2.0.
Thinking About Using One Of Those DNA Sites?
Think again, the cops want the DNA from them. Stasi 2.0. I can do this all day long.
Chicongo Secret Prison Tally Now Over 7,000
Homan Square keeps giving - the Chicongo mayor of course blames YouTube not the cops. Stasi 2.0 all over the damn place.
Play Music At Church, Get Killed By Cops
Yeah, Stasi 2.0 all over the place. "A well-known Florida drummer was shot dead by Palm Beach police after his car broke down on the side of the road following a gig Sunday — and authorities have refused to tell his family what happened."
Down Goes Sweden, Down Goes Sweden!
The vast take over by the "refugees" continues. And apparently, hot white chicks with blonde hair are pissed off about it too - and we got the pics to prove it.
Michigan: We Want To Be An Even Bigger Crap Hole!
PlainSightNetwork is located in Michigan, so it's our opinion.
Reporter Found Hanged In Istanbul
Istanbul was Constantinople Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Damn Zombies: Bites Passenger, Then Dies
I'd hate to be the guy that got bit!
Meanwhile In Minnesota…..
Where the Governor says "If you don't like it you can leave our shithole state". Yet another socialist that can't figure out whom employs whom.
Schnitzel! Apparently They DON’T Believe Like Christians
Convert or die my ass. These guys are playground bullies.
Wal-Mart Drops Like Hot Potato
Even this editor has noticed - The parking lots have a lot less cars in them. The depression continues.
We Don’t Like Socialism (Go Figure)
It a full on, super Hillary is the best socialist around effort by the media. Bernie Sanders chances are between zero and nothing.
That Obamacare Thing…Insurers Lost A Lot Of Money
And you'll never ever guess who gets to pay for it. Come on, take a stab at it.
News Sites To Vanish In Near Future
In order to complete the totalitarian government implementation, alternative voices must be silenced Only two items remain: Remove guns Stop free speech
Woman Injured, Calls 911, Cop Shoots 4 Year Old
What the hell is going on in this country?
Supposed To Think vs Reality
In each case, there are a set of messages broadcast to the population. These messages are projected to replace what people would think on their own, if left to their own devices.
Minnesota Somali Leader – We Need More War
blood-curdling screams from the hallway
Facebook Sensors Simple Phrase
Another step towards a totalitarian utopia
March To Insanity Continues Unabated
In Seattle, Columbus Day became Indigenous People's Day, which sounds like a Marxist terrorist group's holiday.
Banksters Preparing New NWO Push
Hell, would you please hop into this handbasket?
After Wrecking Internet, New Media Targeting Television
Is noting safe from these 40 ads a page memory stealing image flipping twits?
California Officially Insane
Those nitwits gave illegal aliens the privilege of voting.
M Pissed Off: 007 Told To Shut His Pie Hole
Nothing is worse than a double naught spy crying and whining. Nothing. Well, Obama giving us another lecture is pretty bad too.
Obama: Could Legally Run For 3rd Term
Maybe he'll do it jus to piss Limbaugh off.
All Pork Products Banned In U.S. Prisons
Meanwhile, China loads bacon bombs. Apparently the commies don't like competition but leftist jackasses do. Go figure.
ANOTHER Obama Lecture – For Putin
Well, that's what General Drunken Stumbletwit says.
Obama Lectures – ‘Common Sense’ And ‘Pragmatic’
Of course he just does what he wants anyways. Which means it's time for a new drinking game!
Million Man Fraud Whines Into Washington
Rioting at this weekend's Washington, D.C. gripe-fest celebrating the 20th anniversary of the endlessly hyped, misnamed Million Man March, seems like a definite possibility.
More Elite BS From Computer Buffoons
So saving files is now "hoarding". Can't wait for the UK to create "delete your files....or else" laws.
Say No To GMO
Yeah and wait for the "make Monsanto mandatory" to feed the poor parade of "lawmakers". Cha-ching.
What the hell, let's continue trashing the constitution.
Channeling Johnson – 600 Million To Syrian “Rebels”
Hey, it worked in Viet Nam (not), why not in Syria. Woo Hoo! Proxy Russian war anyone?
The Real Target (Oregon) Has Been Stabbed In L.A..
Do you remember last week's headline - Savage – Real Reason For Oregon Shooting? Well, the target has been caught up with by ISIS and stabbed in L.A.. Maybe now everyone will grab a clue.
Annointed One: Rewrite Constitution Or Bullets Will Fly
Arrested? Investigated? From this government?
Free Speech Is Limited
You might think that the first amendment part that says "abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press," works. It doesn't, free speech is abridged, freedom of the press is gone.
Ben Carson: 2nd Amendment Most Important
And the religious freedom nutbags are coming out of the woodwork: “His suggesting that if he had been there, he could have taken the shooter down through the power of Christ or somehow, it’s just unbelievable,” Everitt said. “You begin to question this man’s mental health, doing this with a
New Facist State To Be Signed Into Being
Sessions warns against trade deal Foreign companies can sue taxpayers for lost profits Copyright fair use ending? The chapter published by WikiLeaks is perhaps the most controversial chapter of the TPP due to its wide-ranging effects on medicines, publishers, internet services, civil liberties and biological patents. Significantly, the released text
Images Of Supersonic Waves
Using photography technique from 1864
Trey Gowdy Screams For 10 Minutes Without A Breath…
...and then tells McCarthy he's wrong, wrong, wrong.
Bombed Doctors – Business As Usual, Story Changes
Story changes several times - status quo achieved.
Something Is Fishy About These Shootings….
In Oregon, the gunman asked people if they were Christians then shot them. This seemed incredibly strange, or "not right" Those blaming inanimate objects killers use are the paranoid conspirators why is it when an officer kills a black man, they dont blame the gun? The thing that I don't
..Or Hacktivists Will Break Us Out Of Copyright Hell
Doctorow began his Burning Man presentation describing the dubious nature of our current computer-controlled landscape.
El Papa: Copyright Laws Will Be End Of Internet
Drudge asserted that copyright laws which prevent websites from even linking to news stories were being advanced. Everything will move to ghetto sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Trump Pissed Off….Again
It's the media's turn again to head into the old Trump grinder. Apparently some people don't know when to shut their pie hole.
Obama Heading To Oregon To Lecture Parents
DAVID JAQUES: Well I think the President, first of all, is not welcome in the community. And that isn't just my opinion. We've talked to dozens upon dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our elected officials.
NATO To Putin: Whatever….
Putin: Yeah, sorry about that Turkey deal.
Erasing Our Civilization – And We Help By Shutting Up
We are a Christian nation with a Judeo-Christian ethic. Were founded and established that way, and we are erasing ourselves. We are allowing it to happen under the guise of religious freedom, except it's not religious freedom that's making this happen because the religious freedom is also under assault and
Sweat Your Ass Off….Like Me
You may be surprised that the kindly editor here loves to exercise.
All New WTF: Big Muscles “Dangerous”
They call this "unhealthy masculinity". Hey noodle arms, can you open this jar of pickles?
Dead Woman Sits In McDonalds For 24 Hours
Uh, so nobody noticed that a body was sitting there for a full day?
White House: Yeah, You Know We’re Just Going To Do Gun Control
With executive "actions". If you're going to go full tyranny, you might as well go all the way.
The Puppet Masters At Work
The almighty TPP trade treason is hung up on two issues: Big damn Pharma drugs and big damn GMO food. There's your puppet masters.
He Was Such A Nice Boy….
Canadian breaks into home, makes dinner, feeds cat, does laundry.....
No Camping Or Off Grid…On Your Own Land
Off The Grid Lifestyle: Survive Without Dependence, Grow Your Own Food Sources, Create Your Own Energy & Live Off Your Own Grid (Prepping & Survival Book 1)
Dave, Object Unknown Origin Object Rising From Saturn
Pulling rings down toward planet. "Hal, is that you doing it?" "No Dave, I'm too busy figuring out how to kill you" "So that means we're not going to Jupiter?".
Trump: Most “Refugees” Are Young Men – Why Not Fighting For Their Country?
Because their ISIS agents waiting to strike? Just a thought.
Oregon Shooter Account Altered
The Oregon shooter’s profile and comments have been changed on social sites. Now why would someone do that? One would think that the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, SS would all be locking this stuff down ASAP to preserve evidence. So now the internet crime scene has been altered and made
Modern Inquisition Fails
Ever wonder why nobody is calling this a modern inquisition? Depends on who controls the language.
Feds Living In Idiotville
94,000,000 people out of work "just don't want a job".
Unfu*king Beliveable
UN and U.S. form police force for U.S. "extremism". The blue helmets are coming. Welcome to the God damned New World Order.
Obama Flummoxed. Go Figure.
Stand by for another lecture. Maybe he'll say deconfliction.
Oregon Shooter Singled Out Christians
now will you dumbasses act worried? Probably not, thus lock and load.
Chicagostan – 374 Murders And Counting
Stacking 'em up like cordwood.
Putin Signs Decree – 150,000 Conscripted
Russian Orthodox church call Syria "holy war"
Gog Magog And Tribulation – Is It Starting?
Solid historical accounts point to Magog being Russia Persia, Ethiopia [or Cush], and Libya [or Put] are with them, all of them with shield and helmet; GLP Commentary - pithy and on target.....as usual
Ben Carson – Dems Party Of KKK
Richard Petty comes out for Carson
Argentina President – Obama Committing Treason
President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official with a request that Argentina provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010.
Lucky 13 Explosions In China
Rescuers to scene Explosive packages blamed
WWIII Is On Like Donkey Kong
Russian Parliment approve troops Russia, IRaq, Syria, Iran, China joint command Chinese Carrier at Tartus Even more pointless headlines
If It Doesn’t Work, Keep Doing It
Appears to be a complete lack of critical thinking on parade.
Black Death On Frozen Flea
Bonus headline: It's 20 million years old and Dino feathers.
Let’s Review….
China, Russia and Iran want Assad to stay. The U.S. and the Saudis want him gone. What could possibly go wrong with aircraft carriers, fighters, nukes?
Good Job Assholes Part 2
The world's greatest communist strikes again.
Stop Hating Islam….Or Else
Flashback (2013) : Who could forget the DOJ and their cancellation of free speech?
You’re An Ass, NO, You’re An Ass
In the worldwide biggest ass competition there are two who stand out above all others. Yes, it's the pan bending, no shirt, bear riding "Russian Pootie Poot" versus the destroyer of countries, the "Greatest Communist....EVER!!"
I Got An Idea!
Didn't like the Iran deal? Just wait, it gets so, so much better!
Sodomite Warns Christians – NO Religious Freedom
As we fall farther and farther into the Hitleresque utopia envisioned by the right hand Iranian on the White House staff, we no know what we have suspected all along.
Beware The 17% Shutdown
Tip, set your hair on fire and run in circles flapping your arms.
Water on Mars. EPA Declares It A Wetland
Orders NASA to restore it to prior condition.
Ranger School Faked?
We're running out of things to believe in. Looks like it's just you and me, God.
Brains On Holiday
Upon entering the gates of Perdition, all logic, brains and abilities to think fly out the window.
New Pickup Spot?
Guys are always looking for new places to find girls.
Date With Destiny
Our cat spokesmodel has passed away. Read what has happened since!
Robert Spencer – Pope As Offensive As Obama
Gary Emerling of U.S. News and World Report thinks he has discovered a double standard: “Obama’s comments were criticized as ‘offensive,’ ‘wrongheaded’ and detached from present-day reality. Of course, it’s more politically acceptable to criticize the president then the pope – time will tell if Francis’ remarks draw a similar
Look Up In The Sky!
It's a bird, it's a plane....no it's just more spying.
Crybaby Quits
Bartenders in Washington fear for their futures, "I've got kids in college" says one.
Guy With Goofy Hair Says 17 Cents An Hour
And all the Jobbites are up in arms over it too.
Next Rights Agenda – Pedophilia
Oh yes, Pedophilia is next on the civil rights agenda. They're not monsters, they're just misunderstood. One more step on the highway to hell.
Super Secret ‘Free’ Trade Treaty Approved
And this time Canada gets the shaft, not the U.S.. Apparently Obama didn't approve this part.
Chinese President Meets With Worlds Biggest Communist
Yeah, we said it. You know we're right.
Pope Praises Socialists In Congress
In his speech today, the pope named four Americans as examples of "men and women offer us a way of seeing and interpreting reality. Two you probably never heard of. They are Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton. Thomas Merton wrote books on "social justice," and was a major figure in
Bernays Would Be Proud – The Sharing Economy
Edward Bernays would be proud of today’s media.
Same People Said Earth Flat, Center Of Universe
Are we the only ones that find it hysterical that the same people that gave you the flat Earth and center of the universe are doing it.....again?
Big Brother On The March
Coming soon to a tyranny near you: Drivers license not good enough.
VW Chief Resigns Amid Sneaky Diesels
No matter how you look at it, these guys are mechanical geniuses to be able to do this on so large a scale.
Living Wage Calculator By MIT
No word yet on exactly how they calculate this wonder of the internet.
Subjugating America
Succesful strategy, made modern, used for centuries is our new way of life.
Cancer Victims Kicked Out By Secret Service
The SS ordered hundreds of parents and their cancer-stricken children out of Lafayette Square on Saturday night, barricading the park for at least two hours and disrupting the group’s plans for a candlelight vigil to raise awareness and research funding for childhood cancer, participants said.
Jeremiah Wright: Obama Knew Nothing Of Christ
I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam.
Soros On The March: “Refugee” Handbook Found
Amazing what you can find in piles of garbage.
Next Depression: What You’ll Lose
Next recession won't be - still in one, becomes a depression.
Castro Loves Pope So Much, Considers Church
Easy button: Spew commie/socialist views and commies love you.
Terrorist Attack = Opportunity
Let there be no doubt: the government works hand in hand with terrorists.
Shut Your Pie Hole And Pick Up The iPhone
That for most citizens, the U.S. economy is a neo-feudal Banana Republic oligarch hellhole.
Corruption Are US
“When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not Guilty'.”
Trump Responds To Fake Controversy
@realDonaldTrump: Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don't think so! @realDonaldTrump: This is the first time in my life that I have caused controversy by NOT saying something. @realDonaldTrump: If someone made a nasty or controversial statement
United States Senator Calls For Arrests Of Citizens
If you have an opinion opposite of the government, you should be arrested under RICO says Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.
The Obama Identity
So what reason is there to believe that Obama is a Christian just because he says so? He doesn’t act or talk like a Christian, and he doesn’t go to church very often. Instead, he acts and talks like a Muslim.
Trump Position On 2nd Amendment
The Donald appears to know the consitution. Or whoever wrote this. Or whoever told him this. Either way, it's his position paper on the second amendment.
Ahmed Mohamad did not invent, nor build a clock
This story gets fishier and fishier by the minute...
7,000 Year Old Folklore Tells Of Inundation
Aboriginal society has preserved memories of Australia’s coastline dating back more than 7,000 years. That’s the conclusion that University of the Sunshine Coast Professor of Geography Patrick Nunn reached in a paper published in Australian Geographer.
Naked Mystery Woman Rescued – John Doe?
I woke up in an island off the coast of Seattle. I didn't know how I got there ... or who I was. But I did seem to know everything else. There were things about me I didn't understand ... the brand, being colorblind, extreme claustrophobia. And while my gifts
Welcome To The EU…With Tear Gas
More at Daily Mail online. They're still not clear on picking up their garbage however. 2,800 died or dissappeared.
Be A Joule Thief And Light A Bulb
Use a small battery to light bulbs. Works with small solar panel. Get “disappeared” by the men in black. Sits on shelf with 100 mpg carburetor.
Insane Man To Run For President
What the hell, why not. We got a serial liar, a nazi and a communist running.
Native American Sent Home For Haircut
No word yet on any White House invites for "creative hair styles"
Putin Steps Up: “We’ll Save The Christians”
Maybe John Titor was right after all....of course it could be a clever false flag too.
Hillary: This Shit Stinks, Obama: Not!
No word yet on any email response.
Drudge Poll: 460k Vote, Trump 60%
Debate winner by landslide, Trump.
Clock Maker’s Dad Ran For Sudan President Twice
Conspiracy tards cry foul - false flag to set up meeting with Obama to take over Sudan.
Meanwhile In Saudi Arabia 10,000 Tents For Refugees Sit Empty…
Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, still won’t take Syrian refugees .
Another One Bites The Dust: Carson “No Guns”
What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” does he not get? When asked whether people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons,” the doctor replied: “It depends on where you live.”
Host The Donald, Lose Your IRS Status
Well, that's transparent, eh?
Welcome To The Stone Age
How's that "refugee" deal working out? Not to be outdone, Obama says we need that shit too!
Anglo – Nazi Facist Spy Speaks Out
Kennedy assassination? Operation Paperclip Interview
Fed Raising Rates? Chaos! Disaster!
Krugman: Takes one chart Unemployment rate insult to our intelligence
Trump Tax Plan – 1%, 5%, 10%, 15%
It's not fresh news but important. Trust me, Trump's going to find a horse head in his bed real soon.
Ice Melts, Tools Found
Ice at Yellowstone has retreated to 10,000 year old levels. Ancient tools found, logic takes a holiday as global warming blamed. No word on how stone age humans got ice to melt so they could put tools in spot.
Never A Straight Answer (NASA) Flummoxed By Pluto
Could be the Photoshop department forgot to tell them about this.
Judges And Clerks Defy Supreme Court
Alabama, about a half-dozen county probate judges Kentucky, two other county clerks also are refusing to issue licenses Oregon, a second judge has joined Judge Vance Day Texas, several clerks are still holding out
Campers Capture Terrifying Bigfoot Sounds
Turns out it was BoBo's stomach
Too Dumb To See It Coming: ISISFlag In Germany
"Our infiltration a complete success" Wait 'til they show up in Wyoming.
This Is What The Powers That Be Do
You will note that I ran my truck partially on Stanley Meyer's design 5 years ago.
Victim Of UK Health Care In Prison
A friend of the site owner in jail over incorrect medication for mental health. Previous incident
The Shemitah Is Over – Great Shitstorm Next?
When the Shemitah ends.... 1973 Oil Embargo 1980 S&L crisis 1987 Biggest crash ever 1994 Bond market collapse 2001 9/11 2008 Lehman Bros., global crash
The World After 9/11: Shut Your Pie Hole….Or Else!
Ground Zero has officially become the Disneyland of mass murder
The Conspiracy of Everything
Here's the deal. Nothing exists until it's needed. The Sun doesn't put out any light until someone is looking. Light doesn't travel X miles per second, it's instant. Animals don't exist, they're robots created by the CIA to spy on us. Dinosaurs are from the future, not the past. It
They’ve Figured It Out – Don’t Hold Your Breath
Arthur Christopher Schaper says the establishment knows we're pissed off. Don't count on it, they're clueless twits.
History Tired Of Repeating Itself – Nobody Listens
We will spend 9/11 debating the merits of letting a terror state that helped the 9/11 hijackers go nuclear.
Russians Build Syrian Airbase, Whitehouse Flummoxed
Crap, looks like Putin's getting another lecture from Obama.
Clinton Staffer Breaks Law – Damned Proud Of It!
Maybe she'll send an email about it. :)
More Bradygate: Steelers Hear Pats On Radio
Steelers coaches hear Pats radio instead of theirs during first half. Still Lose.
Take Away Possessions, Remove Desire, Get Happiness
The world seduces us with suggestions for happiness--wealth, power, the ideal weight, and bigger, faster, fancier possessions. Alistair Begg suggests that the acquisition of all these things only leaves the heart longing for more.
Teen Threatens to Shoot Up Airport With Fake Guns
Note:Two Airsoft pistols and fake AR15 now an arsenal
Haaaaarvard Students Go Full PC On Wiki
Yeah, that’s the ticket….let’s get some heads full of mush “fixing” Wikipedia. Now I gotta go and change it back!
Got a Generator Yet?
Yeah, you might want one……
New Voter Found! Homo Naledi
Remember the Chicago way, vote early, vote often. Even if dead.
Welfare State Invasion
“It’s kind of like what Vladimir Lenin said. “We will sell the capitalists the rope they will use to hang themselves.”
All New Just For You: Fake Comcast Survey
It’s back, the fake Comcast survey popup.
White Privilege Exposed
Yet another case of white privilege exposed…
Obama Spies: ISIS Intel Faked
More than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials
Albert Pike is Back
Supposedly in the late 1800s, Albert Pike predicted 3 world wars the third will be something to do with the Illuminati and Islam. Explains Europe now doesn’t it?
Paper Gold Rises, Physical Gold Vanishes
Yeah, keep buying paper, that’s the ticket.
Foreign Born 2.6:1 Over Native Born
Trump’s going to be all over this like Herpes on a hooker.
Warren Buffet: Let Me Put My Foot in My Mouth
“I mean if this were a sports-based system, you could give me a PhD in football, and I could practice eight hours a day, and I might be able to carry the water from, not onto the field, but from the locker room to the bench. There’s just some people
White House Starts Race War, Surprised When Cops Object
And as Sheriff David Clarke said last week, it is Obama himself who started the “War on Police”rhetoric top begin with. Well, today, Obama was in Boston for his Labor Day Speech, with hundreds of dignitaries invited, and police typically greeting the president after the event. Not this year. Because
Not One Damned Thing is Sacred Anymore
Now James Bond is PC? WTF. No seriously, WTF. Bond is getting a gay friend (not the happy kind)??!! Horowitz, the writer of new Bond novel Trigger Mortis, said he had worked carefully to preserve Ian Fleming’s original character and ensuring his 1950s attitudes remained in tact. My ass he
The Truth Hurts -or- I Didn’t do it!
Government agencies not telling the truth is a lot like a 5 year old with a broken vase. Same mentality too.
Muzzling Free Speech in America
“If the freedom of speech be taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”—George Washington
We Want More!
I’m going to become a refugee.
Let’s Thaw out a 30,000 Year Old Virus
What could possibly go wrong?
Cheny: Are You Stupid?
Wait, don’t answer that…..
Vatican Staffers Have Enough
Vatican staffers say we’re Christians and the Pope don’t have no executive orders.
Forget the cold dead hands, send in the criminals!
Gun sales up, up, up! Cold dead hands my ass.

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